Rosengarten/Catinaccio group. You will also come across ladders and stencils coming out of the I suggest, even in summer, to contact the refuges Re Alberto (+39-0471-838115, ask for Valeria) in order to have recent information on the condition of the couloir. Catinaccio d’Antermoia. Their beauty and the fact that a very popular Via Ferrata (Ferrata Santner) leads close to their base attract thousands of tourists each year as well as a lot of serious climbers again making the Southern Vaiolet towers the most climbed peaks in the Dolomites. Route 3 Via Ferrata Passo Santner Route 4 Via Ferrata Roda di Vael Route 5 Via Ferrata Masare Route 6 Via Ferrata Catinaccio d'Antermoia Route 7 Via Ferrata Franco Gadotti Route 8 Via Ferrata I Magnifici Quattro Route 9 Via Ferrata Kaiserjager Route 10 Sentiero Attrezzato Bepi Zac Route 11 Via Ferrata Paolin-Piccolin Route 12 Via Ferrata dei Finanzieri Route 13 Via Ferrata Hans Seyffert … Join thousands of monthly readers and get my posts delivered straight to your inbox. Walking return: 3.00 hrs. Via Ferrata Cortina is a multi-day modular program around the amazing and famous Cortina d’Ampezzo area, part of the eastern Dolomites. There, the path forks and you follow the left turn-off (path no. From the hut follow the marked trail N° 550, assisted by few metallic ropes, and then the trail n° 542. Directly behind the Passo Santner hut you will find the continuation of route 542 which leads down to Gartlhütte (Rifugio Re Alberto 1) and the magnificent Vajolet towers standing proudly right above it. wall. In summer, the hotel mellows out and is a great base for hiking and via ferrata climbing. The Ferrata del Santner, situated on Catinaccio’s impressive west face, seems to have been made specifically to extenuate the beauty and very particular nature of the entire Dolomites massif. A hitchhike to Bolzano, three trains, three busses, and one day later, now we’re out of Italy, back in Bavaria sitting in a nice apartment we scored in Mittenwald, Germany. A few years ago, during one of my trips to Scotland, I bought my first DSLR and my adventure with photography began. Via Ferrata Cortina combine a large range of via ferratas: from easy and short perfect for beginners to extreme long and difficult for expert and trained hikers. If you’re doing the Santner via ferrata, take the left trail numbered 542. After 30 minutes of mostly flat walking, the trail ascends. The via Ferrata Santner Pass, situated on Catinaccio’s impressive west face, seems to have been made specifically to extenuate the beauty and very particular nature of the entire Dolomites massif. Continue up to the Passo Santner/Santner Pass (2760 meters). On the way you meet the wonderful Lago di Carezza/Karer see with a wondeful view to the N side of the Latemar group. This via ferrata is a classic in the Dolomites and is framed by rugged walls and towers with magnificent views. Caution is now requested approaching the couloir. Finally, in 15 minutes and on a good path you can descend to the Rifugio Re Alberto I°. I am Marta Kulesza - the photographer and creator of Sporthotel Alpenrose. It represents the Western access to the Vajolet towers but at the same time it can be part of a interesting hiking tour within the Catinaccio/Rosengarten area. The morning after completing the via ferrata I hiked back up to Passo Santner from the nearby Gartlhütte (rifugio Re Alberto Primero) and photographed a cloud inversion --Goethe, Images Video sharing: Share this video on your website. example via ferrata Catinnacio D'Antermoia (marked in the Dobbiamo risalire un tratto aereo ma non difficile che ci conduce al Passo Santner riconoscibile dalla croce metallica, incastonato tra il Catinaccio e la Croda di Re Laurino. The hut stays open from mid June until the end of September and if you have time you should definitely consider staying there! Climbing the Via Ferrata in: 2.00-2.30 hrs. This via ferrata is quite short and well secured. More to come, but for now just a few days here to relax and take a vacation from our vacation! Dolomites. Even if the route has been officially discovered by Johann Santner on 1878, the first climbers could have been two hunters, Stricker and Tschagerl (named Bockimandl), already … Aconcagua mountain itself has many routes, photos, and trip reports as children. 2:08 min. If you’re doing the hiking route, take the right trail numbered 550 in the direction of Tschagerjoch (Passo delle Coronelle). In summer the lift is open 8:00-12:15 / 13:30-18:00. I recommend introduction of what's coming ahead - The Vajolet towers! The via ferrata is relatively short with difficult Alpine passages that require Alpine experience. The route is quite. © 2006-2020 Aconcagua mountain page is a child of the 'Aconcagua Group' and the 'Seven Summits.' To get back to the top of the chairlift and to avoid going back the same way, you can use path 542 down to the Vajolet hut, then turn onto path 541, followed by La nota dolente è l'alta affluenza in questo periodo. can be found here. Some sections require free scrambling. The excursion actually begins from the Alpine hut. You can also start this 3 Day Rosengarten hut to hut hike. To complete it you will need a helmet, a harness, a via ferrata lanyard and climbing gloves. Main Services . The Santerpass hut is located in one of the most beautiful destinations of South Tyrol, the Dolomites, which belong to the famous UNESCO world heritage. Level of difficulty: easy – medium. free parking lot at the bottom of the chairlift. You are surrounded by rocky walls and pillars in a wonderful scenario. This is certainly one of the most photogenic huts in the Dolomites. A rope helps the climbers in passing the snowy and steep couloir from right to left (abouit 10 meters)towards the base of the steepest section of the Ferrata. The route touches the Rifugio Re Alberto / Gartelhutte (2621 meters) and descending the Gola delle Torri arrives to the Refuge Vajolet and finally to the Refuge Gardeccia (1960 meters) by the Vajolet valley. The cable protection is placed nicely in difficult sections. 542/550, you will reach a fork. This is partly due to the fact that the Normal routes are relatively "easy", mostly in the IV-range. When I am not stuck to my computer editing photos, you can After 15 minutes, of mostly flat walking, the path starts climbing steadily again and the fun begins. Via Ferrata Passo Santner. Following code allows you easily embed this video on your website. It's scheduled to open in the summer of 2019. right on the pass with amazing views to the West. There is a decent size and A vertical and beautiful rocky wall is the last difficulty of the ferrata: you are helped in climbing by ropes and iron tacks. (7). Via Ferrata Santner; tommy.76 24/04/2019 at 14:58 . The trail goes up to a wide gravelly terrace having on your right side the rocky walls of Cresta Davoi. From here descend for 20 about meters reaching the bottom of a gorge usually snowy even in summer. Soon you will emerge onto a path right underneath the western wall of the Good shoes, helmet and equipment for self assuring (ferrata-kit). Via Ferrata Passo Santner. For a more thorough route description I do recommend that you purchase the guidebook. The ferrata leads to one of my favorite views in these mountains - the Vajolet Towers. Via ferrata Passo Santner is a short but exhilarating route amongst the chimneys and gullies of the western part of the Rosengarten group in the Italian Dolomites. Presentation. - 15,045 total views since 11 January 2017. On the third day, we will ascend through the Vajolet Valley to Principe … Naturhotel Rainer Living and experiencing nature Hotel Castel Saltauserhof Hiking, Spa and Activity holidays nr 550 via the Baumannpass (Forcella di Davoi). 542) to the Santnerpass via ferrata. And then don’t hesitate to ask me your preferences… Via Ferrata in the Dolomites: the great trek. Around two thirds of the way to Passo Santner you will find yourself in a gully with a fantastic view of the spires, typical for the Dolomites. If you are looking for a backpacking One about kilometer before the pass turn left to Tires and Passo Nigra / Niger Pass and stop at Frommer Alm / Malga Frommer (1743 meters) where is located the “Laurin 2” lift to Rosengartenhütte/Rifugio Aleardo Fronza alle Coronelle (2337 meters). Via ferrata Passo Santner. There is a newly built mountain hut On your right side there is the majestic Rosengarten / Catinaccio. find me hiking somewhere in the mountains. The via ferrata is equipped with steel-ropes and lathers and is sometimes exposed and steep. A Climbers playground and a landscape photographer's dream, the Vajolet towers are the proof that Mother Nature is the perfect sculptor. This fixed-rope route is quite short and well secured - nevertheless some stretches require experience and a steady foot. Open map. If you don’t like to take the lift, follow the trail N°2C and by about 01:30 hours you arrive to the refuge. The ferrata leads to one of my favorite views in these mountains -, Via ferrata Passo Santner was a part of my, I am Marta Kulesza - the photographer and creator of, I come from Poland, but I've been living, travelling and working around the globe since. View Via Ferrata Santner Image Gallery - 21 Images. All Rights Reserved. 549 to Fronza Refuge (2,339 m). Steep climb towards the pass (signposted 550) and go down on the steep side to the Fronza haven. Normally a tour on a via ferrata takes a day and covers an elevation difference of up to 1000m of elevation difference. Every year the conditions of the snow might be changed and in some cases the couloir could be icy. The Gartlhütte is a good spot for a break before the trail leads back down. The route isn't as exposed as other via ferratas I've done in the Dolomites, but still makes up for an exciting excursion in the mountains. The route allows, without significant difficulties, to be in contact with the wonderful rocky scenario of the Catinaccio/Rosengarten, having a look to the surrounding mountain group of Latemar and the green South-Tyrol valleys. trip itinerary make sure to check out my other article. Inizia ora l'ultimo tratto della ferrata prima di raggiungere il Passo Santner. A via ferrata is a steep hike with some sections of scrambling or climbing, protected with metal cables. Sporthotel Alpenrose is a hotspot during ski season. I come from Poland, but I've been living, travelling and working around the globe since I turned 18. In early summer the rope might be covered by the snow: pay additonal attention. – 2 hours). The passages are generally not obliged and in case of crowded route there is not any problem. From here a bus-shuttle connects the refuge with the village of Pera in Val di Fassa (paying an additional ticket it is possible, but not in August, to arrive up to Malga Frommer/Frommer Alm).