Thanks again, Robin. I think soprannomi that are derived from attributes are often the most difficult to identify with confidence, as we have no way of knowing much, if anything, about the personality of the people or families in question. But then, you might also have started creating folders inside the main ‘Documents’ folder. The search features are much more flexible, and you can sort and download the data. 2020: Immobile, 1956: Miloš Milutinović | MAIN ‘TAKEWAY’: If you see a surname that just sort of ‘appears’ in the records, and no mention is made that the family came from someplace else, consider the possibility that you are looking at a soprannome and that this family may already exist in your tree. 1963: Manfredini / Nielsen | 2016: Higuaín | You'll hear me huffing and puffing, as this mountain village is just never stops going up, up, up! Tor für Juventus Turin. Aah come gioca Del Piero. SIDE NOTE: The surname for the ‘Ballina’ family here eventually become ‘Fusari’. This is why you might sometimes see a father with one soprannome, and his son with another. By the way, I did a tree for someone in Lombardia recently (Brescia) and one of the soprannomi for their family was ‘Austria’! The Serafini of Bleggio had their roots in a different part the Giudicarie, in in a in a village called Favrio, which is the original and most ancient 'zone' within the present-day town of Ragoli (also considered part of Preore in the past). Now, to answer your question about DNA testing, I think you would have even a rougher time getting accurate answers than even the mass of Trentini. 1962: Altafini / Milani | 2. What’s interesting, however, is that on 23AndME (I have my ‘genes’ on 4 testing sites), it actually shows Verona as one of my likely ancestral areas. A Guide for Genealogists. 1980: Søren Lerby | Oh, and just for the heck of it, let’s go ahead and throw in our family, SOPRANNOME: Cenighi (not in records, but via verbal info from Serafini cousins). My next trip to Trento is coming up in November 2019, As I’ve had so many other projects lately, I have still not finished the. Learn how your comment data is processed. My father’s family immigrated to the United States in 1923, and he never made the journey to see his ancestral home. 5 - Mario Del Monaco 6 - Giuseppe Modesti 5 - Jon Vickers. 2000: Schewtschenko | Receive Trentino Genealogy's Articles via Email. Please be patient, as it will take a month or so to edit the articles and put them into the eBook format. Try to use the same method throughout the same tree. Gennaro Gattuso | So, you started to create subfolders inside the folder called ‘My Research’. Please trust me on this point. 1977: Franco Cucinotta / Gerd Müller | Now, remember we are talking about tiny hamlets, especially back in 1588. Charcoal making was a ‘whole family’ operation, requiring the family to spend many months of the year in the woods, away from their main village. Be aware, however, that these words are FREQUENTLY abbreviated, e.g. 2008: Cristiano Ronaldo | That is the word my father used to use for ‘leftovers’!!! 1978: Rossi | Using Clues in the Records You DO Have I feel like one of my Sicilian friends here in Britain mentioned them, but I will have to ask again. Thoroughly enjoyed reading it. Well, you'll just have to tune in to find out. In this podcast, I share a list of most unusual ingredients for a plague remedy invented by botanist Pietro Andrea Mattioli, the personal medical doctor of cardinals, kings, and emperors. Erst als Lippi zur Saison 2001/02 als Trainer zurückgekehrt war, fanden Del Piero und die Mannschaft zum Erfolg zurück. September 1993 beim 1:1 im Auswärtsspiel bei Foggia Calcio, als er in der 74. NOTE: You will need Microsoft Excel in order to do what I show you in the video. It will pinpoint my genes to some known DNA clusters? They are not just colourful names, but important clues as to our ancestral lines, which can help us identify specific people, places and/or occupations of the past. I thought that was pretty impressive, considering AncestryDNA is still calling me (and most Trentini I know) ‘French’ (!!). Feb 6, 2014 - FreeArt provides Free 8x10 inch prints. What are the chances of there being more than one such couple? too many Giovannis are the sons of too many Antonios, etc.). 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012: Lionel Messi | In my own Serafini family, my 4X GGF ‘invented’ a different soprannome from his brothers because there were just too many Serafini men giving their sons the same first name. RIDDLE 2: What are some of the legends told about the plague of 1630? 9 years ago. 1986: Pruzzo | Alessandro Del Piero | 9 years ago. Thanks! It’s an article I’ve been wanting to write for some time now. P.S. In 1922, she left her ancestral home, along with her 3 children (including my father), sister and brother, to join her husband Luigi Serafini (my grandfather from Duvredo, a nearby village in the same parish of Santa Croce) who had started a new life for them in the United States. Hi Lynn, Karen. Integrante del grupo musical de pop lírico o crossover clásico Il Volo, aunque el grupo también interpreta canciones pop y pop latino Gianluca Ginoble. Recently when I did some research in Valvestino in the province of Brescia (Lombardia), I encountered another method of recording in soprannomi in Latin records, using the word ‘vulgo’. I did not know that every Italian family has a sopprannome. Hi Marion! While it’s tempting to translate ‘tradenta’ as something like ‘between the teeth’, I think it also sounds like it is related to the verb ‘tradire’, meaning ‘betrayed’. I think I can do it easily as I’ve the habit of naming the files/photos (baptism, marriage, etc) with both, so a quick search on the mac should do it. Wir haben noch zusätzlich eine eigene Auswahl an Hörbeispielen von youtube zusammengestellt. How the name becomes “official” is still unclear. Hi Gloria! But what if it’s NOT in the baptismal record for Giovanni, but in the baptismal records of two of his children? 1986: Torbjörn Nilsson | Sein erstes Länderspieltor erzielte er am 15. 2015: Cristiano Ronaldo / Lionel Messi / Neymar | Francesco di Cristofano de Giudicis (1482/83, ¿Florencia?, República de Florencia–1525, Florencia). Cristian Zaccardo | So, if a relative tells you that your family’s soprannome is such-and-such, don’t just accept it something ‘cast in stone’. While I made this video for my grandsons, I welcome other family members, friends and descendants of Trentino families to view it as well. I also offer some tips for how to combine what you find in Trentino cemeteries (not just this one) with the online database called 'Nati in Trentino' to bring depth to your genealogical research. So, this is a “soprannome”! In der Saison 1993/94 spielte er außerdem noch für die Jugendmannschaft Primavera und gewann mit dieser die italienische Meisterschaft. Marco Amelia | Tor seiner Karriere. There are a lot of ‘mights’ here, of course, and I prefer NOT to speculate too much, lest it blind me to the truth later. RISTORANTE DA PIERO, FAULENSEESTRAßE 40 (Höllmühle), 87669 RIEDEN. Dort trainie… You'll learn a local legend about the plague of 1630, see breath-taking views of La Chiesa the San Faustino, Monte Irone and Monte San Martino, discover the 'sorgente' (or source) of the mountain spring that gives life to this ancient village, learn about the practice of 'filò' and visit fascinating mountain houses – with their tiny wooden doors and rounded stone archways – built in 1571. Not Just a Nickname: Understanding Your Family Soprannome, Without Prejudice. Mit seinen 21 Saisontoren verhalf er Juve zum dritten Platz der Serie A und sicherte sich den Titel des Torschützenkönigs vor seinem Sturmpartner Trezeguet. Consider this baptismal record from 1839 (during an era when I would have expected to see the record written in Italian): Here, the child’s father is referred to as ‘Giovanni Grandi, vulgo Ecclesia’ (the priest had actually omitted the surname at first and inserted it above the line). 1950: Nordahl | 1 decade ago. Mai 2012 gegen den SSC Neapel. Dort trainierte er mit dem Profiteam und wurde von Trainer Giovanni Trapattoni häufig eingesetzt. As such, tracing the origin and meaning of a soprannome can range from really obvious to doggedly elusive. Francesco Di Pierro, 20, aus Deutschland Preußen Münster II, seit 2020 Offensives Mittelfeld Marktwert: - * 28.01.2000 in Versmold, Deutschland There was indeed only one couple with those names in that village at that time. 1936: Meazza | Yeah, the ‘official’ thing is kind of hard to say. 2003 erreichte die Mannschaft wieder das Champions-League-Finale, das sie im Elfmeterschießen gegen den AC Mailand verlor. Perhaps others were letters to the family, stories you wrote or genealogy research notes. Finding the point at which the two branches split and adopted different soprannomi is always an exciting discovery (at least for me). And of those who DO know something about them, they often misunderstand the meaning and ‘behaviour’ of their family’s soprannome over time. 2005: Lucarelli | Pollaiolo: translation. 2006: Andrij Schewtschenko | November 1974 in Conegliano) ist ein ehemaliger italienischer Fußballspieler. I do hope you enjoyed it, and found it informative and useful to your research. Im Sommer 2004 übernahm Fabio Capello den Trainerposten bei Juventus und führte die Mannschaft zu zwei Meisterschaften (2004/05 und 2005/06). She is described here as ‘Maria, widow of the late Vittorio Seraphin (Serafin or Serafini) Salvaterra’. Mister No est le surnom du pilote américain Jerome (Jerry) Drake. 1425. But soon, you created still MORE documents. Lv 6. 1987: Virdis | But the answer was staring me right in the face (you can probably already guess it, as I’ve already shown you the document with the answer). 2019 gab Del Piero bekannt, dass er Besitzer des im September 2018 gegründeten United-Premier-Soccer-League-Vereines LA 10 FC aus Los Angeles, Kalifornien ist, welcher den Stadtnamen für Los Angeles und seine Trikotnummer enthält. Perhaps the English word ‘clan’ might be a bit closer in meaning, but I don’t know enough about clans in other cultures to make a true comparison. A perfect example is this same document, in the name of the godmother. Gli esempi non sono stati scelti e validati manualmente da noi e potrebber In fact, I have NEVER seen the soprannome for the branch of our Serafini family in any record, despite the fact it has most likely been around since the beginning of the 19th century. 1995: Batistuta | Altstar Alessandro del Piero hat dem italienischen Rekordmeister Juventus Turin mit einem Rekordtor einen prestigeträchtigen Erfolg beim AC Mailand beschert. 2009: Ibrahimović | Possibile contenuto inappropriato. In this video you will see the sacred wooden shepherd's cross after which the parish was named, which was discovered on top on nearby Monte San Martino around 1600, and brought to the church in 1624, as well as the 1,000 year old subterranean chapel with 800 year old frescoes of angels on Romanesque pillars. 2010: Di Natale | For at least 500 years, my father and his ancestors lived in the parish of Santa Croce del Bleggio, in Trentino, Italy. Aldo Serena (Italian pronunciation: [ˈaldo seˈreːna]; born 25 June 1960) is an Italian former professional footballer, who was usually deployed as a forward.He played for several Italian clubs throughout his career, winning four Serie A titles, among other trophies; he is mainly remembered for his time with Inter, where he won several trophies, including a league title and the UEFA Cup. Alessandro Del Piero Wiki Dove vive Alessandro Del Piero Lo venero e lo adoro e vorrei davvero sapere dove abita Alessandro Del Piero Magari è tornato a vivere a la cosa più … If you are not yet subscribed, you can do so using the subscription form at the end of this article below. Thanks for reading and for leaving a comment. Il Guarany wird als erste große brasilianische Oper angesehen und ist dem romantischen Genre des Indianismo zuzurechnen. In this video, I describe what life was like in Romeo’s home village, and the trials of crossing the ocean to a strange, new land. Il Guarany ist eine Oper („opera-ballo“) in vier Akten von Antônio Carlos Gomes.Die literarische Vorlage bildete der Roman O Guarani des Schriftstellers José de Alencar.Das Libretto wurde von Antonio Scalvini und Carlo D’Ormeville in italienischer Sprache verfasst. The same is true in my own family, as I say in the article. I have frequently seen the word soprannome translated into English as ‘nickname’. [6] Jede Mannschaft der Indian Super League muss einen solchen Spieler im Kader vorweisen können. 1 decade ago. Two things you should NEVER (ever!) Il soprannome di Captain Beefheart glielo diede comunque Zappa (per un film sui freak mai realizzato). Below are a few options you might consider. If you are descended from people of this region, I guarantee they would have been here! The “soprannome” of my paternal side is “Donnetti”, they are from Cimone, a small hamlet near Trento. Am 30. In your case, I cannot comment on the origins of these soprannomi, as I would have to see the tree in context. My family are Grottolo from Varone but now live in Riva. 1926: Hirzer | RIDDLE: What centuries-old mystical legends are still told about the discovery of a 'miraculous cross' on top of a mountain? Please leave a comment to let me know. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. The Italian word for surname is ‘cognome’ (plural = cognomi): When the words are joined together, the ‘n’ in ‘con’ is changed to a ‘g’, which creates the sound ‘nya’ (like the ‘gn’ ‘lasagne’). zwölf Tore. designare, dire, chiamare, denominare. Tune in to hear some fascinating, symbolic, and mysterious legends about the ‘shepherd’s cross’ from the early 1600s, which came to be known as ‘Santa Croce del Bleggio’. 1985: Torbjörn Nilsson / Michel Platini | [1] Sein Trainer war Didier Deschamps, der nach einem Streit mit dem Präsidium kurz vor Saisonende zurücktrat. … Well, first of all, you probably started renaming the documents, so you knew what was what. The answer is: none. Zusammen mit Patrick Dempsey ist er Besitzer des ALMS-Rennstalls Dempsey Racing. You probably just saved it to the default ‘Documents’ folder without thinking about it. Guess I’ll have to wait until I can look at the original records again. Fabio Grosso | Minute für Ravanelli eingewechselt wurde. Del Pieros Engagement in Delhi endete nach der Spielzeit. Ancient Nobles of the Roman Empire? Oktober 2010 erzielte er im Spiel gegen den. Non so perché... Ha un bel suono! Cloz is a small parish in the northern edge of Val di Non of Trentino. Die Delhi Dynamos beendeten die Saison auf dem fünften Platz und konnten sich damit nicht für die Play-Offs qualifizieren. Diese wurden allerdings nach dem Urteil um den italienischen Fußball-Skandal 2005/06 wieder aberkannt. Perhaps we can all agree to stick to using the original word – soprannome. We are dedicated to a spam-free world. A short trip on the "funivia" (cable car) in Trento, Trentino-Alto Adige Italy. 1925: Magnozzi | We can safely assume that the ‘Vigiloti’ branch got too big for the soprannome to be useful, and rather than create a new soprannome, they called one of them ‘Piccolo’, meaning ‘small’. I have seen this system used most frequently in 19th century records. Juni 2010. While the linguistic conventions for creating soprannomi might be similar to those for surnames, there is one BIG difference between them: While surnames tend to stay the more or less the same for a long time (often for centuries), soprannomi will CHANGE whenever they need to, sometimes from one generation to the next. In simple terms, we can say that creating a structure is fundamental to being able to identify things and to distinguish one thing from another. They are especially common in trees where people changed their names after immigration. Much of that info is on this site, but if you can ask a more specific question, I might be able to help. Assistant: Gianfranco Rebulla. The fact that some soprannomi are identical to surnames can be a real bother – especially if a priest writes the soprannome before the surname in the record, as you have no way of knowing which is which without cross-referencing lots of other records. Pintor italiano. Ethnicity Vs. Some soprannomi are actually other SURNAMES. Danach gehörte er bis zum Saisonende zur Stammformation. Honouring All the Heroes in Our Families, DNA Ethnicity Reports. In der Saison 1994/95 avancierte er schließlich zum Stammspieler und gewann mit Juventus seine erste nationale Meisterschaft, zugleich die erste für den Verein seit neun Jahren. Der frühere Weltmeister Alessandro del Piero will seine Karriere auch nach seinem Abschied vom australischen Top-Club Sydney FC fortsetzen. Hi Die Saison 1998/99 verlief für Del Piero und für Juventus enttäuschend, die Mannschaft landete vor allem aufgrund seiner und Filippo Inzaghis Verletzung nur auf dem sechsten Tabellenplatz, weshalb Lippi noch während der Saison zurücktrat und von Carlo Ancelotti beerbt wurde. However, in this particular case, the family’s soprannome is actually Chiesa (which means ‘church’ in English), as the priest has used the Latin word for church (Ecclesia). The word ‘papi’ is the plural of the word for ‘pope’ (papa), not to be confused with the word papà, which means ‘father’. I am going to take your suggestions in how to record the soprannome, which is Spirt, for our Ghilloti line from Grosio in Sondrio, Lombardia. RIDDLE 1: You may have heard about the Black Death in the 1300s. She was married to a man whose surname was Graiff who died young. Perhaps one of the most curious soprannomi I have ever encountered was when I was researching the Etro family of the Bassano del Grappa area of the province of Vicenza (Veneto), who migrated to the mountains of Madonna di Campiglio near Pinzolo in Trentino in the 1860s. He left Trentino when he was very little, and she probably spoke Trentina dialect with him so he wouldn’t have known. 1979: Giordano | Alberto Gilardino | 1957: da Costa | Mit sechs Toren in elf Europapokalspielen trug er zum Sieg seiner Mannschaft in der Champions League in dieser Spielzeit bei. When making a tree for a client last year whose ancestors came from Tione di Trento, I noticed one of the soprannomi for the surname Salvaterra was ‘Ragol’. Fresco. You’ll see the ride up and down Monte Bondone from inside the cable car, and a few scenes of the village of Sardagna at the top of the mountain. Hi Lynn, 1989: Serena | How are illegitimate births recorded in parish records? In der A-Nationalmannschaft gab er zwei Jahre später, am 25. Sometimes soprannome is preceded by an ‘equal’ sign (=). Again, I cannot comment out of context. RIDDLE: What centuries-old dramatic legend is still told about the spooky medieval Castel Restor in Val Giudicarie? 1958: Alfredo Di Stéfano | 2011: Di Natale | 1998: Bierhoff | 1. But I’m going to start adding the dates now. I think the only way to get to the bottom of our soprannomi is to trace them back until we see something, anything, that seems to indicate a logical origin. So, what is the ‘best’ way of doing this? Consider this baptismal record from 1760, again from the parish of Tione di Trento: Here the priest refers to the father of the child as ‘Felice, son of Francesco Failoni Battaia’. My Trentina grandmother’s mother was from Badia Calavena near Verona, and that is a Cimbri community. Am 20. RIDDLE 2: What kinds of things can we discover about our noble ancestors? This is an example of a patriarchal soprannome differentiating to reflect an attribute of either a branch of the family or an individual. Your email address will not be published. I think it is useful to think of a soprannome as a kind of ‘bolt on’ family surname, an idea that is also consistent with literal meaning of the word (‘on top of the name’). 1979: Claudio Sulser | Bearing that in mind, there was something about the Etro family that MIGHT explain this curious soprannome: THEY WERE CHARCOAL MAKERS (carbonai). Er erzielte in 32 Ligaspielen 21 Tore und zudem 10 Tore in 10 Partien der Champions League, in der man erst im Finale Real Madrid unterlag. August 2014 verpflichtete der indische Verein Delhi Dynamos FC Del Piero, bei dem er als Marquee Player, also als weltbekannter Spieler, fungierte.