That’s why I was so ecstatic, when with iOS 14, Safari could play YouTube videos in the PiP mode.However, just a few days back the YouTube removed this functionality as it wants the PiP mode to remain an attractive feature of the premium plan. As first noted today by MacRumors, it turns out that if you navigate to YouTube via Safari on your iOS 14-equipped device, it won’t actually let you successfully activate picture-in-picture. YouTube previously blocked the quirky hack that lets you stream its content using iOS 14's picture-in-picture capabilities for free. Out of these, the iOS 14 update also brings about the stable release of the Picture in Picture(PiP) mode for the applications in iOS. iPhone Apps That Support PiP Mode in iOS 14. YouTube PiP mode stops working on iOS 14, except for Premium subscribers. YouTube is now allowing the new PiP, or Picture in Picture feature on iOS 14 for all users. As you may know, this cool iOS 14 feature has been on the iPad for quite some time now. Now you can select the newly-added PIP button on an iPhone running iOS 14, and the video will pop out from the page. Bạn có thể sử dụng Picture in Picture (PiP) để xem video YouTube ngoài màn hình trên iOS 14, tuy nhiên YouTube đã khóa tính năng này trên app nên không thể dùng được PiP trực tiếp, bạn phải thêm một vài bước nhỏ nữa mà chúng tôi sẽ hướng dẫn chi tiết dưới đây. After initially supporting picture-in-picture mode in iOS 14 but only for those who pay for YouTube Premium, it seems that people can now get in on the act for free. Moving on, here’s how you can use the YouTube PiP shortcut: Open up the YouTube app on your iPhone and play any video you’d like to watch. PIP has been a staple YouTube feature on Android for a while now. One of iOS 14’s big new features is picture-in-picture mode, which lets you watch a video in a small window while you’re doing other things on your iPhone. Oct 7, 2020 #1 YouTube PIP must turn off again. In iOS 14, Apple has made it possible to use picture-in-picture (PiP) on your iPhone or iPad, and using it is extremely simple. Original poster. Removes Picture-In-Picture Support For iPhones Running iOS 14 By Tyler Lee , on 09/18/2020 17:34 PDT One of the features of iOS 14 is that the company is finally bringing support for picture-in-picture mode when it comes to videos. I guess many of you would be wondering whether the iOS 14 PiP mode is working with YouTube or not. iOS finally got PIP support in iOS 14, but that hasn’t changed things for the better for iPhone users. PIP Feature Likely Restricted To Premium Users On YouTube. Jan 29, 2020 2 0. However, it’s not working everywhere some people might like. This is a quick and easy way to get YouTube in PIP mode on iPhone running iOS 14. YouTube ปรับใหม่ ให้ผู้ใช้ทุกคนดูจอเล็ก (PiP) ผ่าน Safari ใน iOS 14 ได้แล้ว 02/10/2020, 15:23 ใหม่ล่าสุด For those following iOS 14 features and developments, it should come as a surprise that the OS version is bringing PiP (Picture-in-Picture) mode this time. I’m also hopeful that YouTube app might also gain support if the YouTube TV app gained PiP support. But while there have been six Plus and Max size models over the years, the iPhone had never featured PiP … Tags: iphone thủ thuật ios picture in picture thao tác cử chỉ ios 14 ẩn cửa sổ pip tính năng hệ thống xem video youtube picture in picture cửa sổ video nổi 114 Bình luận 1 However, if you have free YouTube, it’s a little harder. YouTube TV PiP in iOS iPadOS 14 in 2020? Annual check in with u/coleslau42: any luck in 2020 with Dynamic Ad Insertion or PiP for iPhone or iPad with iOS iPadOS 14? With the latest iOS 14 update, Apple has introduced the Picture-in-Picture (PiP) mode in iPhones. Despite YouTube’s continued efforts in blocking such a tiny feature behind a paywall is frankly stupid as it isn’t consistent across the devices. iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. ; Finally, scroll down and look for the YouTube PiP shortcut and tap on it. Thanks for always being open to our Reddit community! MacRumors (via 9to5Mac) has noticed that YouTube’s mobile website stopped supporting iOS 14’s PIP mode, at least for free users. The wonderful world of YouTube on an iPhone is getting weirder and weirder. iOS and iPadOS. ; Now, a list of commands you can do should open, swipe to the right and tap on the three dots. You can change tabs or navigate to different apps, and the video will keep running in the PIP. See the pic below, snapshot taken on iPhone SE 1st Gen iOS 14.0.1 The feature has been present for iPad users ever since iOS 9 but is now there in iOS 14, which is currently in beta mode. Even though this restriction was in place, iOS users could easily play YouTube in the background using the desktop mode in Safari. With iOS 14 , Apple is finally giving us our wish. With iOS 14, Apple has brought some intriguing new features to your iPhone (6s and newer).One of the most hotly anticipated of those is support for picture-in-picture (PiP… Apple finally introduced picture-in-picture (PiP) mode with iOS 14. Use Picture-in-Picture Mode with YouTube on iOS 14 For starters, YouTube’s picture-in-picture mode is exclusive to YouTube premium members. IOS 14 YouTube PIP off again? Để có thể xem YouTube ngoài màn hình trên iOS 14 bạn sẽ phải sử dụng shortcut trên iPhone có tên YouTube PiP, cách làm cụ thể như sau: Bước 1: Vào Cài đặt > kéo xuống một chút tìm Phím tắt > bật tùy chọn Phím tắt chưa được tin cậy. Thread starter Photopooba; Start date Oct 7, 2020; Sort by reaction score; Forums. This feature lets you watch videos on a minimised screen and use other apps at the same time. Competing platforms like Hulu and Sling support this functionality. Theo thông tin mình mới cập nhật được thì Youtube đã khoá tính năng Picture - in Picture trên iOS 14 thông qua Safari. They are – Safari, Apple TV, Podcasts, FaceTime, Music App, Home, Amazon Prime Video, and Netflix. This isn’t the first time Apple is introducing the picture in picture feature for its users. In case you’d like to know about the workaround regarding how you can enable iOS 14 picture in picture mode for YouTube videos, scroll down for more information. Previously, you could play a YouTube video on Safari, make it full screen and tap the PiP toggle to play it in a small window. The iOS 14 update brings in a bunch of major changes to the entire iPhone. Sadly, this functionality too was taken away earlier this year after iOS 14 was released to the public. YouTube has been notorious for its PIP and background play functionality that is only available to premium users. iOS. As of now, the YouTube app on iOS doesn’t support Apple’s new PIP mode for any user — Premium subscribers included. One of the new features in iOS 14 is built-in support for picture-in-picture. Apple first implemented picture-in-picture on the iPad way back in iOS 9, and users have been clamoring for it to come to the iPhone ever since. So essentially, YouTube’s PiP feature was working on the iPhone in iOS 14 … There is no legitimate reason this native feature is not supported. Cách xem YouTube ngoài màn hình trên iOS 14. A few days after the release of iOS 14 users have been complaining about how the feature was not available for non-premium YouTube accounts. I really enjoy YTTV but I resort to streaming sites for sports games so I can use PIP via the web browser and chat with friends or other fans during the game. P. Photopooba macrumors newbie. Playing YouTube videos in picture-in-picture mode on iPhone is something that I have always wanted. The official YouTube app continues to require a Premium subscription for PiP mode. ; Once the video opens up on your screen, tap on the Share button. The latest version update for iPhone was just released recently. The iOS 14 picture in picture (PiP) mode is one of the biggest new features Apple introduced in iPhones. Not without some caveats. Nếu tài khoản của bạn là Premium khả năng cao tính năng này vẫn hoạt động, mình có kiểm tra với tài khoản Youtube Premium của mình thì tính năng này không hoạt động. Spotted by MacRumors, the change means that anyone can now watch YouTube in picture-in-picture mode so long as they … Since iOS 9, the iPad has had Picture in Picture mode, which lets you minimize a video that you're watching into a floating overlay so that you can multitask in other apps while it plays. YouTube’s website which had first supported PiP on iOS 14 was suddenly removed but it looks like the feature is back again. Right now, there are only a few apps that support Picture-in-Picture mode in iOS 14. So long as they use Safari. iOS 14 .