Bill Conner, CA, 1982. Top Gun: Maverick is scheduled to be theatrically released in the United States on December 23, 2020, by Paramount Pictures. . The P-51 Mustang was the consummate American aircraft believed to be the best fighter of the Second World War. 1945 P-51D s/n 45-11495 N5551D "Little Rebel" Award Winning P-51D with just 88 hrs since complete restoration. Top Gun sequel dubbed Top Gun: “Maverick” is due for release at the end of this year. Victory Air Museum, Mundelein, IL, 1976. This particular P–51, built in 1944, was overhauled in the late 1960s and shipped to Guatemala, where it, and others like it, created the Guatemalan Air Force’s (Fuerzas de Aire) first combat capability, according to Global Security. Tom Cruise is known for doing his own stunts. From late in 1943 P-51’s were used to escort bombers in raids over occupied Europe and over Germany, all the way to … It entered the fray in 1943 and overwhelmed the Axis Forces with its 2,080-mile range and its unmatched ground game, earning itself the distinction as the war’s finest long-range fighter. 17-nov-2013 - Tom Cruise He also owns a classic plane used in World War II, a P-51 Mustang Warbird he named "Kiss Me Kate," which is worth approximately $5 mililon. For "Top Gun: Maverick," he indeed felt plenty of G's while flying his own fighter jet. One of the longest time P-51 owners. June 20, 2020 Air. The film stars Tom Cruise, Miles Teller, Jennifer Connelly, Jon Hamm, Glen Powell, Lewis Pullman, Ed Harris, and Val Kilmer. Why Tom Cruise Own $4 Million WWII Fighter Aircraft and $20 Million Private Jet. 1969: Mar 06, N6306T, Tom Wood, Kalamazoo IN 1993: Mar 06, N6306T, Tom Wood Inc, Indianapolis IN 2003: wheels-up emergency landing on runway, repaired 2009: same owner/pilot for 40 Years! Cruise and Kilmer reprise their roles from the first film. No word on whether or not it's just called "Kiss Me" these days. Tag Archives: Tom Cruise P-51 Mustang. In 1967, when I was 10 years old and watching Bob Hoover doing barrel rolls and loops in N2251D at the local airport, and then 2 years later was standing on the wing of another P-51 at the same airport, peering into the cockpit, I didn't see Tom Cruise anywhere around. Cruise, dressed in a military-style pilot's jumpsuit, was seen outside the cockpit of a 1944 P-51 Mustang at Marana Regional Airport, and shown in a photograph tweeted out by the town. Earl Reinert, 196? The final version of the P-51 was the P-51D, and this was powered by yet another engine, the Packard V-1650-7, and was fully armed with .50 caliber M2 machine guns (6 in total on each jet). History: Donated to Civil Air Patrol, 1946. 2010: Feb 3 - sadly, Tom Wood passed away.