In 1970 the modern club crest was redesigned with a red devil as the centrepiece and the incongruous white roses replaced by footballs. Yves Paemen sent us a photo of the original Admiral four-striped change kit with the club badge mounted on a red disc. The club has won a record 20 Premier League titles, 12 FA Cups, 3 UEFA Champion League trophies and 1 UEFA Europa League cup. A distinctive club crest appeared on official documents during the 1960s but was never applied to the team's shirts. Newton Heath Years: Manchester United was founded in 1878 by railway workers as Newton Heath LYR (the letters stood for “Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway”). History. Very few changes were introduced till 1922, when the club adopted all white uniforms with a red V around the neck. Damaged button fastenings were sometimes repaired with laces and slightly different collar styles were evident. The club’s third kit is all navy with gold lettering and is made of recycled ocean plastic. Keep Calm Love Man Utd – the Shirt Lives On! Finally, in 2002 Nike took over as the club’s kit manufacturer eventually giving way to Adidas in 2015. No need to panic. From being one of the wealthiest clubs in the world, United became the most indebted: in January 2010 their debts totalled £760m and around £210m had been paid out in interest. The prevailing colours were usually blue, black and white, with the exception of five games of the 1995-1996 season, when an all gray strip was adopted and dropped almost immediately, as it reportedly made it difficult for the players to pass to each other, as claimed by Alex Ferguson’s men. Manchester United have unveiled their third kit for the 2020/2021 season. The most notable ensembles of this era were the striking …. More excellent research by Yves Paemen has uncovered the kit worn by United in the pre-season friendly against Eik Tønsberg in August 1981. A photographic history of over 200 different Manchester United shirts from 1880 right up to 2020. The Edwardian period brought success with a side At some point during the 60s, the team coined the moniker “Red Devils”, believed to come from a French journalist. that included Billy Meredith, signed from rivals Manchester City who were Manchester United Years: At the beginning of the 20th century, the club was in financial troubles. In 1995 United were runners up It is thought that the name was coined by French newspapers who dubbed the Salford rugby league team Les Diables Rouges after a successful tour in 1934 and Busby adopted this as the club's official nickname (but in English, obviously). The background turned red and the boots were removed. Squad number history This statistic shows which squad numbers have already been assigned in their history and to which players. It wasn’t till 1902, when the club officially became Manchester United, that the records get more clear. won the FA Cup in 1983 and 1985 but failure to break Merseyside's stranglehold To see the club’s current kit, click here. It was playing in the second division of the Football League and it was served a winding-up order, due to its extensive debts. forced to auction off their players after a bribery scandal. Promoted United adopted the new style of lightweight continental strip in 1955-56: some batches had sleeves with contrasting white cuffs while others were plain. in 1948 wearing a crest based on the coat of arms of the City of Manchester. Manchester United was established in 1878 and was known as Newton Heath LYR Football Club in the first 24 years of its existance. The Manchester United Kit is probably the world’s best selling soccer shirt. The blue and white third kit adopted 1994-96 may have been inspired by United's original striped change shirts and were famously used in the second half of the game at Southampton on April 13 1996. The stripes were vertical and matched with dark shorts and socks. Adidas won the by now extremely lucrative contract as United's kit supplier in 1980 and made a subtle but sly modification the crest, adding a pair of football boots with their own trade mark three-stripe trim above the upper scroll. Premier title in 2007. United. (Garth Dykes 1994) provided by Paul Nagel |, (q) Manchester United (Percy M Young 1960 Heinman) provided by Paul Nagel, (r) The Gibson Guarantee (Peter Harrington 1994 Imago Publishing) provided by Paul Nagel. time. Manchester United is still one of the best clubs in England and is worshiped all over the…. This version of the logo is one of the most recognizable symbols in football today and worn by United fans all over the world. This is the hub for Man U official game apparel, its colours and its visual history. Successful in the first decade of 1900s, Manchester United encountered a slump shortly after and wasn’t able to turn its fortunes. Manchester United FC. During this period the club's kit evolved gradually: the iconic black stockings with red and white tops were replaced with white ones. White shorts have also been worn and the team seemed to change between the black and white bottoms depending on need. the crash, set about building yet another team around the survivors. The 1990s introduced an era of bold visual patterns in football fashion. indeed. This move did little to lift the club fortunes and in 1932 a new shirt was designed. The socks were initially black during the war, striped right after, eventually changing to black once again. To shop for the New Manchester United Kit: Click Here. A young squad under the management of Matt Busby, it regularly played in the first division and placed as the runners up of the Football League four out of five times, before finally winning it in 1952. View Manchester United FC statistics from previous seasons, including league position and top goalscorer, on the official website of the Premier League. The striker joined Manchester City and scored at Old Trafford in April 1974, on a day when United's relegation to the Second Division was confirmed. A dozen years later, with relegation to Division In 1971 the stockings reverted to the classic black with red and white tops. Legend has it that a St Bernard dog belonging to the club Support the squad with Manchester United kits for men, women and youth fans! Finally, in 1998 the final version of the logo was produced. These were “halved” – with green on the left side of the chest and gold on the right side and were paired with white shorts and black socks. of Football Statisticians - provided by Pete Wyatt, (i) There’s Only The competition proved too tough and, having reverted to green and gold shirts, the Heathens were relegated Tim Ashmore points out that the two roses are, for some reason, not coloured red as one would expect for such a famous Lancashire team, but white. then allowed himself to be persuaded to stay on. they won the League Championship in 1952. 1967/68. a team of reserves reached the FA Cup final that year. 01. Show your passion as a Manchester United fan, and support your team with this selection of Manchester United football kits. Yet here luck failed and the team was unable to capitalize on fortune. Manchester United Kit History. Much like the other English teams of the era however, the Old Trafford boys didn’t display a logo during regular league games. Interestingly, the roses were white – instead of Lancashire red – and the logo never appeared on the shirts, only in official documents. In 2015 Adidas took over as United's technical sponsor with a contract worth a record £750m over ten years. On 6th of February 1958, on the way back from a European Cup tie against Red Star Belgrade, the team’s plane crashed at Munich airport, killing seven of the first team players and twenty two people in total. hopes of a treble. They are together with Liverpool, England's most successful football clubs ever. These were removed in 1992 when Umbro took over the contract, as was the white background. It seems likely that as a humble works team, white tops were chosen because they were cheap and widely available and these were embellished with a coloured cord to distinguish them from opponents in similar shirts. Designed with adidas, the kit presents a visually distinctive design, inspired by striped jerseys from the club’s history. It is believed that after a whip-round among the players and a contribution from the Dining Room Committee, the club purchased a set of cashmere jerseys in green and gold, the colours of the parent company, in 1881. From its founding years to the current powerhouse they are today, Manchester United's kit has tons of history that truly represent the historic club. The period between the wars was an undistinguished In 1893, Newton Heath was wearing green and gold patterns again, this time in the form of stripes and starting in the 1894 season, it changed its shirts to all green, this time with white shorts and green socks. It paired these with black socks, which were sometimes adorned with blue or striped white trim. blue and white shirt used in the famous 1992 FA Cup win (used from 1990 to 1992) and the all black kit used between 1993 and 1995, the first black strip used after the Premier League reversed its prohibition of using black shirts. Founded in 1878 as Newton Heath L&YR Football Club, our club has operated for over 140 years. for bankruptcy. United, (f) Association Tax: £233.32 Incl. It featured the central motif from the city's coat of arms, the arms of the Grelley family (incorrectly coloured), first Barons of Manchester, below a sailing ship, symbolising trade and enterprise. Umbro returned in 1992, when the visuals of football fashion became bold and patterned and the club’s jerseys were often augmented by elaborate trim – yet still more subdued than most teams of that era. In 1969, Busby retired as manager although he continued as a director for the next eleven years before becoming club president. They bounced back immediately Juventus Black and White Logo – A New Era, Liverpool Pitch Black Shirt – 125 Years of Glory. They lasted till 1887, when a new red and white design was adopted. which was restructured into two divisions. Plain black socks were introduced around 1911 but the older style, with white cadet stripes on the turnover continued to appear for several seasons. Although Newton Heath were allowed to continue to use North Road for the following season (at a considerably increased rent), they dropped the "LYR" suffix to emphasise their separate identity. 5. Manchester United release new 'zebra' kit. Their current second kit is fully black again, with white Adidas stripes running down its sides. but brought little success in the Twenties. Paul Pogba modelling Manchester United's new jersey. It was a modest team with a small budget that rented their grounds from their patron railway company. Welcome to the Manchester United kit history page. 1. We have made every effort to ensure that the information contained in this web site is accurate, and any assumptions we have made are factually based. The collars were orginally red but these were soon replaced by contrasting white ones. Welcome to the Manchester United kit history page. In the 1963 FA Cup final, United wore red socks to avoid a clash with Leicester City, who wore all-white. In 1968, a version of Manchester court of arms appeared again on the United’s shirts in the famous European Cup final against Eusebio led Benfica, which occurred ten years after the Munich crash and which the Red Devils won 4-1. Their potential was cruelly cut Like their predecessors, the new shirts were also “halved” and featured white on the left breast and red on the right one. Ferguson announced his retirement in 2002 and This one – once again – had stripes, but this time horizontal ones. In 1975, the white jerseys received three vertical stripes on the left side (a later point of contention with Adidas) and were combined with black shorts and socks. Van Nistelrooy dramatic fashion in the European Champions League final to secure a unique be a global brand and one of the most successful clubs on the planet, Manchester United Manchester United U23 Manchester United U18 Manchester United UEFA U19 Manchester United Youth. Manchester United colours are red and white. To first review the history of the Manchester United kits, one must look back.All the way back to 1892 where the Red Devils were known as Newton Heath. In 1982, the era of shirt sponsorship begun and Manchester United started wearing the logo of the Japanese electronics giant Sharp. It was that year, in 1957 that Manchester United did away with their blue shirts and adopted an all white kit (from head to toe) for their away games. In the late 50s and the 60s, the football kits were getting more modern and comfortable. To capitalize on it, the administrators of Manchester United reversed the team kits in 1934 – substituting the home strip for the striped one and relegating the full red shirts to away games. 9 Sep, 2020 06:00 PM 3 minutes to read. It lasted this way till the beginning of World War II in 1939. Manchester and District rule book from the 1887-88 season that, (a) Encyclopedia of Manchester The kit has been developed with the latest in sportswear technology including Climalite which sweeps moisture away from the skin which allows you to enjoy your time in the stands or on the pitch in optimal comfort. This is the hub for Man U official game apparel, its colours and its visual history. Likewise, the shirts of the team in the 60s were made by Umbro, replaced by Admiral in 1975 and then Adidas in 1980. their fifteenth League title and their eighth under Ferguson. Manchester United are still the most successful team of the Premier League – and they’ve had some pretty impressive kits in that time, too.. We’ve ranked each and every home shirt Manchester United have worn in the Premier League to date. Premier League adidas. In the 1972-73 season this new crest appeared on the team's shirts for the first time. * The Admiral branding first appeared on shirts in January 1976: both branded and unbranded shirts were then used until the 1978-79 centenary kit was introduced. 1. In the 1972-1973 season, the logo finally made it to the team’s football shirts permanently. Success followed. Nike 2002-2015. Close Menu; Overview; Squad. This version had the letters E.C.F. Law and George Best is generally considered one of the finest to have After that, Manchester United never veered again from its iconic red and white colours. On 14 May 2011 United drew 1-1 at Blackburn to clinch their 19th league title (their 12th in the Premier League), beating Liverpool's record of 18 wins. A full list of the kits we have been unable to identify can be seen here. Having already chosen their famous red and white for home games, the away strip of the club was striped in white and green. twice experimented with alternative strips. Tim Ashmore speculates that the new kits were introduced by John Chapman when he moved from Airdrieonians to manage United: perhaps he introduced the colours of his previous club to make his mark and change United's fortunes. from Leeds, United won the inaugural Premiership title in 1993, followed The team registered its lowest placement in the club’s history (20th in the second division), loosing confidence in the outfit change and recalling it. For this match special white shirts with a red chevron were commissioned and a red Lancashire rose embroidered over the heart. For the latest news on Manchester United FC, including scores, fixtures, results, ... History Referees Fantasy. The logo can be seen on the team jerseys and at the entrance to their home ground – Old Trafford. They reverted to black in 1971 and to this day they remain this colour. The roses gave way to footballs, the background turned white and the top of the logo became more round. Due no doubt to financial constraints several variants appeared during the period as old kits were recycled alongside new purchases. The cord was worn over the jersey, but it is unknown in which exact position. The replica versions of the shirt will feature a similar technology to help players feel comfortable in the kit. In 1992, Umbro emerged as the kit manufacturer and made slight changes to the logo. The team was once again playing in the second division and needed a boost. This appeared again in the 1957 FA Cup final but was not otherwise used. The all-white kit with red V had been worn when United beat Bristol City in the FA Cup Final of 1909 but brought little success in the Twenties. The shirts were of simple quality, with long sleeves and often repaired several times during the season. In 1907, the away strip turned all white and in 1910 the stripes returned, this time in blue and white. clinched their third double of the decade, United beat Bayern Munich in Manchester United colours are red and white. the dog and invested in the club in return for a place on the board. A different version was worn in European competition between 1997 and 2000 on the distinctive European kit. On 13th April 1996 - exactly 21 years ago - Manchester United were having a nightmare against Southampton. The nickname stuck and in early 1970s, the three slashes were replaced by an actual red devil and the United crest was redesigned once more. In 1998 a new version of the crest, optimised for digital reproduction, was introduced. 12. Find Man Utd kits, jerseys, shirts, classic Manchester United kits, and more Man United merchandise. In 1906, the club was promoted back to the first division and in 1908 and 1911 it became the league champions. Those seem to be the first away colours of the club and while periodic mentions of other types of jerseys have been found, it’s unclear whether those were in any form official or simply worn on some occasions. The omission of the words "Football Club" caused some consternation among supporters as it emphasised the vision of the owners to create a global brand at the expense of United's traditional identity as a club. The following season the team wore plain green shirts with various collar trims. After a dramatic match, United won the trophy in a penalty shoot-out, an achievement that confirmed Alex Ferguson as one of the world's all-time great managers. The only modification was done to the socks, which over the years featured various changes to their trim, ranging between red and white or just plain red. up mainly of home grown young players known as the "Busby Babes" The all white kit often had red trim, sometimes at the collar, sometimes at the sides of the shorts or the top of the socks. Those are usually accompanied by red/black socks. Ironically, in their final match against Manchester City, Denis Law, given In 1993, the white lettering and the ship both turned gold. 1. One United (Geoffrey Green) provided by Paul Nagel |, (j) The United Alphabet Manchester United’s number seven shirt is one of the most iconic in football, and its new bearer is Uruguayan striker Edinson Cavani. He survived and, after signing the French genius Eric Cantona The trend of using the blue, black or white for their away colours continues to this day. It lasted merely till the end of 1926-1927 season and then never came back again. You are welcome to Contact Me with corrections and additions. third successive season. The ship received a red background and the proportions were altered slightly. It was also that year that the Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway Company imposed increased stadium rent on the club, which forced the club to drop the association with its patron and remove the LYR from its name, remaining simply Newton Heath. Welcome to the Manchester United kit history page. Later histories describe these as "cherry and white" but the club minutes of the time confirm that the FA had agreed to change the club's registered colours to "maroon and hoop" (sic). The badge of Manchester United is red and yellow. * CHECK OUT ALL MANCHESTER UNITED F.C. The pattern on the 2012-13 home shirt represented gingham, a reference to the days when Manchester was the global centre of the cotton industry. Davies Tax: £279.99 . In 1957 FA Cup final against Aston Villa at Wembley, which United won 2-1, the team wore the Manchester City Council court of arms on their chests and that is widely considered to be their first crest. After the name change in 1902, the club colours were changed to red shirts, white shorts, and black socks, which has become the standard Manchester United home kit. In April 1892, the Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway Co repossessed the ground they rented to the club with a view to developing it to benefit all their employees. It went through several cosmetic changes in the next two decades, with the ship turning red and boots added on each side of the crest’s upper half. In Stock Vintage Shirts. This was worn throughout the following season before the more familiar plain red shirts were reinstated for 1935-36. United were runners up in the League four times out of five before In 1909, Manchester United won its first FA Cup and the same year it moved to its new home – Old Trafford. Ferguson's regime had a shaky start and he would The two clubs met once again on 21 May in the UEFA Champions League final, played in Moscow. in 1965 and 1967 and in 1968, they became the first English side to win Photo / Supplied/ ... signifying the history … With acknowledgement to the research of Paul Nagel and Tim Ashmore. Manchester United is one of the biggest clubs in the world and their jersey has a lot of history to it, evolving into the iconic jersey we know and love. In the 1980's, with Ron Atkinson in charge, United Their initial uniforms were white shirts with a blue cord and blue socks and breeches. retiring, the combative Scottish manager built another side featuring players such as Wayne Rooney, Cristiano Ronaldo and life long United stalwarts Ryan Giggs and Paul Scholes that won the In 1892 the Alliance was absorbed into the Football League After United won the 2012-13 Premier league title in 2013, Sir Alex Ferguson announced his retirement after 26 years in charge. brought ambition to the club and in 1902, Newton Heath became Manchester United, adopting red cashmere shirts, white knickers and black socks with blue tops.