Unusual to the show, a series of five specials were featured following the series finale Journey's End to compensate for the lack of an actual series in the year between this and the following series; two Christmas Specials, an Easter Special, an Autumn Special and a New Year Special. Beginning with the Ace Adventures releases would no longer carry the 2|entertain logo, although it would remain on the reverse side of the sleeve for Region 2 releases. It is considered a single story by this wiki. Actor | Doctor Who Matt Smith is an English actor who shot to fame in the UK aged 26 when he was cast by producer Steven Moffat as the Eleventh Doctor in the BBC's iconic science-fiction adventure series Doctor … The Special Edition release of Remembrance of the Daleks, part of the 2007 Davros box set, was released separately this year. Release delayed due to Series 1 not having yet aired in North America at the time of the Canadian release. Available episodes of Doctor Who. Created by Sydney Newman. The U.N.I.T Files box contains an alternate colour version of Invasion of the Dinosaurs part 1 achieved through new colourisation techniques in addition to the surviving black & white copy. 25-minute episodes resumed. This year saw the first major discontinuity between UK (Region 2) and North American (Region 1) DVD releases. Like Series 7, this series did not include any two-part stories. Release delayed due to Series 2 still being broadcast in Canada at the time of the US release. The other titles were The Black Adder, Noddy in Toyland, The Planets, Persuasion and Volume I of The Best of Monty Python's Flying Circus. The range kicked off properly a year later with The Robots of Death with a different cover art template. Names used are those given by the BBC as of March 2020[update]. Prequel to series seven of Doctor Who (2005); five short films show the home life of Amy and Rory, while The Doctor has a few adventures of his own.. Stars: Arthur Darvill, Karen Gillan, Matt Smith, Silas … Three new special editions of stories released early in the range appeared in Revisitations 1 box set. Tardis is the main DOCTOR WHO wiki at FANDOM. The Ninth Doctor was portrayed by Rowan Atkinson in 1999. Broadcast of Series 7 was split between episodes 5 and 6. Broadcast of series 6 was split in half between episodes 7 and 8. Tutti gli episodi di Doctor Who dal ritorno della serie nel 2005 fino agli attuali dell'ottava stagione del 2014. Standard episode length changed to 45 minutes, with occasional longer episodes. The Ninth Doctor was portrayed by Richard E Grant in 2003. "An Unearthly Child" è il primo di una lunga serie di capitoli che arriveranno fino alla 26° Stagione. The title chosen for this test was The Five Doctors. It saw the first release of episode 3 of Planet of the Daleks in colour through new colourisation techniques. Doctor Who Recommended for you. Several individuals share credit for establishing Doctor Who in 1963, but it is generally accepted that the original impetus for the series, as well as the establishment of certain aspects, such as the concept of the TARDIS, the basic character of the Doctor and the title Doctor Who itself Doctor Who has been released by BBC DVD since 1999, with K9 and Company, Torchwood and The Sarah Jane Adventures also having been released on the DVD format by BBC DVD since their inceptions. The set was also available as an ABC Shop exclusive which was released on June 4th, This was a non-"Limited Edition" release of same. This is the general release date. Its replacement, the Peladon Tales box set, had originally been planned for 2008, but was also held back until this year. The opening story of season 10 introduced its first ever special with an Anniversary Special, celebrating 10 years of the show. Release features only the black & white version of the animated episodes. Incoming transmission… A message from the Doctor. Contrary to common belief, season 10 kicked off in the last week of December 1972 — not in 1973, as would be expected. This permitted better use of the DVD format with 5.1 surround sound. A replacement disc could be obtained directly from 2|entertain and the error was corrected for later pressings. This was a Region 1 exclusive release later replaced by the, Also released as a "Special Edition Gift Set featuring model '. The First Doctor was portrayed by William Hartnell from 1963 to 1966. The Region 1 release of this title featured a commentary not available on the Region 2 and 4 versions, which would later be included on the 2008 re-release. The Doctor with the least time in the TARDIS, McGann played the Time Lord for a television movie that was created in the hopes of once again bringing back the show in the '90s — … The release of The Invisible Enemy featured an authoring error on the Region 2 release. L’adattamento porta la firma di David Shore, famoso per aver … Dalek War was also the first release featuring the new purple BBC Worldwide logo and as such the Region 2 edition came with reversible covers with the old BBC logo on the other side; this was so that fans could have the spines in their DVD collections match up. The two missing episodes of The Invasion were animated for the story's DVD release. The missing episodes of The Reign of Terror, The Tenth Planet and The Ice Warriors were animated for release. The following is a list of Doctor Who televised stories. The Series Three DVD box set was, in an exclusive release at Amazon.co.uk, made available with the choice of two additional covers as well as the standard cover. The story also featured the Tenth, Eleventh, Twelfth and Thirteenth Doctors portrayed by Richard E. Grant, Jim Broadbent, Hugh Grant and Joanna Lumley. The Doctor has an emergency transmission! Ascension of the Cybermen — Series 12. A … This year saw the release of five special editions of previously released titles: The Aztecs, Inferno, The Green Death, The Ark in Space and The Visitation. The Underwater Menace had originally been scheduled for 2014 with animated versions of the missing two episodes. The Seventh Doctor was portrayed by Sylvester McCoy from 1987 to 1989, and in 1996. For 2011, 2|entertain switched to unified release dates. On iPlayer. Most releases included a special music video; clips from the show were accompanied by the popular cover version of the Doctor Who theme music by Orbital. The Best of British TV and Culture. This was picked because of it already existing in a "Special Edition" format from the BBC Video release of 1995. A box set of the six stories from the Key to Time season was released in Region 1 years before a similar release in Region 2. The Big Finish Productions webcast version of Shada was included on the DVD release of the incomplete television story. Doctor Who was chosen as one of six DVDs released to represent the BBC as a "test" of the DVD market by BBC Worldwide. This was available only in the UK. In fact, For the purposes of this list, "Series 4" is considered to be the. Con date di trasmissione e autori. A special episode was produced to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the series, alongside the Christmas special. Releases might be "Super Value Editions", like The Sontaran Experiment, with fewer extras. Thus, his series actually begin in 2005, 2006 and 2007 — not 2006, 2007 and 2008 as is commonly thought. Super Value Editions were abandoned around 2008. This wiki preserves the numbering in this list and its infoboxes. David Tennant, unusual amongst other Doctors, began and ended on special episodes, not regular ones. The Doctor will return in the upcoming festive season entitled Revolution of the Daleks. This mini-episode was created as part of the 50th anniversary in 2013. They were known as O-Ring editions and were intended to entice younger fans into watching older stories. The Third Doctor was portrayed by Jon Pertwee from 1970 to 1974. This Doctor's era, as of 2020, holds the record for having the largest amount of mini-episodes in the show's history, a total of 29. The show's format changed to 45-minute episodes in this season. 3:27. The rights issues with the 1996 TV movie were cleared and it was released on DVD for the first time in Regions 1 & 4. (TV: The War Games, The Trial of a Tim… Doctor Who (TV Series 2005– ) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Celebrate your favourite shows: Doctor Who, Top Gear, Sherlock, and many more! Several episodes have exceeded the 45-minute standard, including the Christmas Specials and several regular-season episodes. With Jodie Whittaker, Peter Capaldi, Pearl Mackie, Matt Smith. From Revelation of the Daleks onwards, releases bore the 2|entertain logo, a DVD release company formed by the BBC and Woolworths. https://tardis.fandom.com/wiki/List_of_BBC_DVD_releases?oldid=3051559. Remember, however, that this list only gives the first year in which an episode from a series was broadcast. It was pushed back due to an administrative error. The Kamelion Tales DVD box set was originally scheduled for the January 2010 release slot. This box set featured only the stories in question without "value added material" (extras) and marked the first release of, The story was made available in a "vanilla" (no extras) release as part of the 3 disc. Neither are considered to be a part of either series 7 or series 8. A new special edition was released this year for The Enemy of the World. 1 • 2 • 3 • 4 • 5 • 6 • 7 • 8 •9 • 10 • 11 • 12 • 13. Although the menu intro sequence was the same as for The Five Doctors, in all other respects the menu system was completely redesigned. The same techniques enabled the release of The Ambassadors of Death in full colour for the first time. (TV: World Enough and Time) Though the Time Lords knew the genuine name of the Doctor, (TV: The Time of the Doctor) they did not use it, even in the formal setting of legal trials. Episodes began being filmed in HD from Planet of the Dead. The title chosen for this test was The Five Doctors. This was picked because of it already existing in a "Special Edition" format from the BBC Video release of 1995. Others were "Special Editions" like the two disc releases of the past. The international rights issues with Universal were finally settled in 2010, finally enabling the release of the 1996 TV Movie on DVD, although by that time this release was replaced by the "Special Edition" release. Titles were generally released worldwide within a few weeks of each other. Beginning with series 1 of the BBC Wales-produced Doctor Who the multi-episode serial format was abandoned in favour of a mixture of standalone single-episode stories and two- (or three-) parters, in an ongoing story arc. This permitted better use of the DVD format with 5.1 surround sound. Doctor Who is a British science fiction television programme produced by the BBC since 1963. With William Hartnell, Patrick Troughton, Jon Pertwee, Tom Baker. The Ninth Doctor was portrayed by Christopher Eccleston in 2005. Names used are those given by the BBC as of March 2020update. It was planned for each disc to feature the story's theme music over the menu intro sequence. The Beginning featured a reconstruction of the completely missing serial Marco Polo. The Twelfth Doctor was portrayed by Peter Capaldi from 2013 to 2017. List of Doctor Who episodes (1963–1989), a list of the 1963–1989 episodes and 1996 film of Doctor Who; List of Doctor Who episodes (2005–present), a list of the episodes starting from 2005 of Doctor … Season 10 actually began nine years after season 1 started. The Mark of the Rani was a release brought forward to plug a gap created by the delay of Arc of Infinity. The Five Doctors was something of a false start. I primi personaggi che … The release of the Dalek Collector's Edition was the first time that BBC DVD released a DVD collection exclusively to a shop - W H Smith. For the British science-fiction television programme Doctor Who, List of Doctor Who episodes may refer to: . This is the general release date. Release delayed due to Series 7B still being broadcast in New Zealand at the time of the Australian release. Beginning with Survival, Region 1 covers matched their Region 2 and 4 counterparts. The original plan was to release one title from each Doctor. The Dalek War box set had been planned as a late December release; it was brought forward to fill a hole created by the Torchwood: Children of Earth box set being released closer to the broadcast date. The Good Doctor – 4×01 Frontline (Part 1) (SUB ITA) Normal People – 1×09 Episodio 9, 1×10 Episodio 10, 1×11 Episodio 11, 1×12 Episodio 12 Romulus – 1×01 Tu, 1×02 Regere Nuova Serie! For Doctor Who's fortieth anniversary, BBC DVD planned to release one title from each Doctor. The Complete Davros Collection DVD box set marked the first example of the range re-visiting an earlier release, with errors on the original Remembrance of the Daleks release being corrected and new special features being added for its re-release. The Good Doctor di ABC si basa sull’omonima serie sudcoreana creata da Park Jae-bum, anche conosciuta con il titolo Gut Dakteo.