@radiofreewill: Wow. When we started the 2011 Formula One season back in March, I noted that 2011 is the 50th anniversary of the magical 1961 F1 season in which Phil Hill, driving for Ferrari, became the first, and other than Mario Andretti in 1978, only American Formula One Grand Prix World Champion. The Merc 6.9, however, had a very elaborate active pneumatic air suspension that made it spectacularly smooth and stable. Monza’s banked layout, which effectively added an oval to the contemporary version of the F1 track to make a 6.2-mile course with two steeply-banked corners, was used for four grands prix but has not been utilised by F1 since 1961, when Wolfgang von Trips lost his life in a crash that also killed several spectators. They were smacking Philip Rivers around all game. I have, of course, become a straight liver myself…none of the wild times have stuck to me…. I fortunate to have been around in the late 50s and early 60s in Europe and went to many of the Grands Prix including all the great circuits…some of which are unfortunately no longer on the schedule. Wolfgang von Trips - 49 years... - posted in Racing Comments Archive: Whilst we all gear up for qualifying tomorrow, I ask that we take a moment to remember Wolfgang von Trips, who was on course to win the 1961 F1 season before a tragic accident at Monza 49 years ago today. Report. Exactly! Photo caption: Officials remove the wrecked Ferrari of German driver Count Wolfgang von Trips after a fatal collision during the second lap of the Italian Grand Prix race at Monza Sept. 10, 1961. 1958 started quietly with von Trips’ season commencing at round two at Monaco but marred by a late engine failure. Race two took the pack from Monte-Carlo to the Dutch beaches at Zandvoort where von Trips qualified second with an identical time to pole man, title-rival and teammate Phil Hill. I know it’s hard for Stiller fans to own that, but jeez one is football, the other is a bit more serious. A.J. června 2004 je oficiálně hlavním městem provincie Monza e Brianza, prakticky jím je až od komunálních voleb v roce 2009.Město je známé předevÅ¡ím díky automobilovému okruhu Wolfgang von Trips, Self: Formula 1. Just cos he comes from where I now live doesn’t mean I’m biassed! Jenson also has been making a push. Oh that shouldn't be too hard to wiretap for about 20 foreign countries. which means, of course, it is very fine sports writing. Another half hour and they should be ready, just in time to watch Bad Eli lose. This will embarrass YoungDiegoToBe to no end growing up. I have been a race fan since I was a child, my dad raced a Bug Eye Sprite back then. Wolfgang von Trips Monza '61. John’s is a wonderful race by race trip, as related by Phil, through the 1961 season. @bmaz: Like the man on my TV said this morning: “Tony Romo did what Tony Romo does: he threw the ball to the other team.”. He was the son of a noble Rhineland family. Your post is a festival of stuff I haven’t seen before but will certainly tie up my morning, and happily so. Additionally, Phil served as a technical consultant on the movie and did much of the driving of the camera car actually doing the filming for the movie. ), and witnessed a number of loud shouts emanating from the sports bars. Too bad…the still image in the video window looks tantalizing. Von Trips, 33, the wealthy playboy son of a noble Rhineland family, was thrown from the airborne car and died after hitting the ground at the notorious Monza circuit. ), they’d be up by 3. If you are a F1 and international motorsport fan, you can literally die and go to heaven in the Cahier Archive. I know there were reportedly gyro stabilizers or whatever, but I still do not buy that being shot off of a 275 going as fast as many people seem to think. Von Trips passed Hill on the first tour and led every lap of the race. Monza is, after all, the home of the Scuderia Ferrari. Great race between Shuey and Hamilton for third. But also it was a turn-over fest by both teams. Wow. Na okruhu v Monze potkali smrt Ascari, von Trips, Rindt i Peterson 14. září 2008 08:11 - MONZA Těch bylo při závodech formule 1, ale i dalÅ¡ích automobilových či motocyklových podnicích, na tři desítky. The rest of the race was, well, relatively speaking, uneventful. Von Trips thrived on the opportunity, but progress was be put on hold by another calamity. (If I had a decent map of Paris, I might try figuring out the ‘course layout’.). Sounds like Romo is in good shape for the season. The Chargers will have that amazing offense again this year, without Mr Sproles. When Hawthorn and Hamilton became available, due to their Lotus-Climax breaking its gearbox as it entered the Monza Park, Ferrari was quick to gather them both into his team. Saturday’s Qualifying was uneventful and went mostly as you would predict from the recent few races. Michigan’s offense has the shackles on Denard Robinson. In Friday’s Practice, the Red Bulls, Ferraris and McLarens were all fast under hot conditions. A special teams TD to start the game, missed tackles, no QB pressure, etc. Phil Hill, the Yankee Champion, was crowned while both the drivers, teams and world mourned the carnage wrought by the tragic accident involving two greats, Jim Clark of Lotus and Count Wolfgang von Trips of Ferrari, not to mention the 15 innocent spectators’ lives taken in the path. What else to call it? Written on the burial monument of Von Trips, in Latin, is ‘In Morte Vita’ – ‘In death, there is life.’ With two races to go, 3rd was all von Trips needed to win the championship, and was on course to do this after … History is everywhere at Monza, which has been hosting the Italian Grand Prix since the 1920s. Jul 1, 2017 - Explore Kev G's board "Wolfgang von Trips" on Pinterest. It was both one of the most glorious, and most tragic, days in motorsport history. Wolfgang Alexander Albert Eduard Maximilian Reichsgraf Berghe von Trips (Cologne, Njemačka, 4. svibnja 1928. I agree the odds are on Vettel but the opening wings and the KERS really do add unpredictability. Spectacularly good pieces, both by very good friends of Phil’s, R & T writer and photographer extraordinaire John Lamm and the other by Sam Posey. Those Notre Dame Lucky Charms uniforms are not magically delicious. With his win last time out at Spa, it is nigh impossible that anyone will overtake Vettel for the Driver’s Crown, and completely impossible to keep Red Bull from repeating its Constructor’s title. Von Trips, a German Count, was a natural talent but one with a slightly wild streak in his early years that led him to be dubbed ‘von Krash’. The contact fired the Ferrari left towards the crowd. Unaware of the tragedy, Phil Hill raced on to win the race and secure the driver’s championship, but Ferrari pulled out of the final round US Grand Prix Watkins Glen out of respect if its fallen driver. auto-prix-f1-monza-von-trips-accident A woman under shock walks away from dead bodies following the accident caused by German driver Wolfgang von Trips, whose Ferrari crashed into the crowd killing 15 spectators during the Italian Formula One Grand Prix on September 10, 1961 in Monza. Just look what happens when you put the women in charge. Evidently Lelouch remastered the original 35mm film and it was put out on DVD, but the DVD producers have yanked the linked “making-of” video posted on the site. @bmaz: unless i completely misread the channel guide, it was on Versus here which i don’t get…. Bolts D sucked it up and played much better in the second half, and Norv figured out the D. Amazing TD play Rivers sealed the deal. I watched it without the sound on. Yeah, the AL East is not over, nor is the AL Wild Card. Well, in the immortal words of the Allman Brothers, that was then and this is now. The bizarre racing triangle with Hawthorn, Peter Collins and Luigi Musso was really something. Saturday marks the 50th anniversary of Wolfgang von Trips's death at Monza, when 15 spectators were killed in Italy. held their gabfest on Mt. I look forward to the race tomorrow remembering that that is where Moss was damn near killed in the same year that Hawthorn retired after the death of Collins. The championship protagonists were two decidedly different characters. Well, it was a turnover-fest, but how about those skunkheads? Michigan’s defense clearly had a rocky first quarter. Von Trips was thrown from his car and killed, 11 spectators died at the scene, and four others succumbed to their injuries over the following days. Clark lay fourth with Jack Brabham, von Trips and Baghetti behind him. I guess it was exciting because both defenses were so bad. ), http://jalopnik.com/199552/claude-lelouch-explains-rendezvous. His two-wheeled thrills tempted Wolfgang to pursue something even more exciting and without any prior experience, von Trips went car racing in a Volkswagen Beetle. Five years earlier his [von Trips] steering had broken at Curva Grande, sending him into the trees at 190kph (120mph). Donovan McNabb had a decent day, but the Vikes D looked really good. 3:48. Great call for the win by Coach Hoke, great call, and great execution by the offensive players, on both sides actually. This is probably Sebastian Vettel’s race to lose in the Red Bull, and I would look to him for the win. Many tipped Wolfgang von Trips as a serious title contender in 1961 armed with the all-new rear-mid engined 1.5-litre ‘shark nose’ Ferrari 156 and the ‘horse behind the cart’ for the first time. An excellent race but for Luigi shunting the mid pack at the start. For all the differences brought by technology and time over five decades, there is much in common. The excitement and anticipation of the drivers, the longing to put the knowledge of the off season testing and tech changes finally to proof in actual race conditions, the first drivers’ meetings of the season, the beautiful people and the eyes of the international sporting world focused. It ran along Seaside and Shoreline, the few times I was in LB at the same general time. See here for some simply superb [Cahier Archive] photos from the 1961 season. Cause, quoth the Raven, Terrell Suggs is BAD! If you are a F1 and international motorsport fan, you can literally die and go to heaven in the Cahier Archive. I spent a pretty fair amount of time in its predecessor, the 300SEL 6.3, the air suspension was wonderful, and the 6.9 version was superior even to that. Jim White!! Into the Italian Grand Prix at Monza, Von Trips had a one-point lead in the championship. Red Bull’s Sebastian Vettel took pole, his 10th of the year, followed by Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button in the McLarens in P2 and P3 respectively, and Ferrari’s Fernando Alonso in P4. Pity the McLarens and Ferraris were not more on the mark earlier, so there was a real dogfight down the stretch. @bmaz: Thanks for your (and radiofreewill’s) kind words. In spite of Lewis Hamilton’s resurgence in the McLaren in the second half of the season, I would keep an eye on Alonso. After half a game, Rex Grossman has played Bad Eli dead even. Monza was renovated over a period of two months at the beginning of 1948 and a Grand Prix was held on 17 October 1948.

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