Le destre: "Referendum" - Il Fatto Quotidiano", "Aborto e nozze gay, ecco come hanno votato gli italiani a Strasburgo", "La Camera approva la legge sul biotestamento. [99] The majority of its members voted against civil unions, whereas the NCD voted in favour. The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition. [36] As a result of the resentment by the party's old guard, notably including Fitto, on the alleged appointment of Toti also as coordinator-at-large, Berlusconi appointed him merely "political counselor" to the party. It has been claimed that Forza Italia had no internal democracy because there was no way of changing the leader of the party from below (although the party's constitution makes it possible). Il leader di Forza Italia e il mantenimento alla Pascale. It is difficult to say to what faction Berlusconi was closer, what is sure is that his political record was a synthesis of all the political tendencies within the party. A former topless model who was once appointed equal opportunities minister by Silvio Berlusconi is challenging the former prime minister for control of his political party, Forza Italia.Mara Carfagna Il leader di Fi, Silvio Berlusconi, nomina il senatore Renato Schifani suo consigliere politico. The three … [17] Finally, on 8 February, Berlusconi and Fini agreed to form a joint list under the banner of the "The People of Freedom", allied with Lega Nord. ROME, ITALY - JULY 24: Mariastella Gelmini, group leader of Forza Italia at the Chamber of Deputies, Antonio Tajani, vice-president of Forza Italia, A during the press conference of Forza Italia to illustrate its proposals for profoundly correcting the dignity decree presented by the Conte Governmenton July 24, 2018 in Rome, Italy. “Berlusconi’s political project has come to an end,” said Stefano Maullu, a member of … On 21 November 2008 the National Council of the party, presided over by Alfredo Biondi and attended by Berlusconi himself, officially decided the dissolution of Forza Italia into The People of Freedom, whose official foundation took place on 27 March 2009. Un diktat da leader del centrodestra al quale il padre-padrone di Forza Italia si è dovuto adeguare annunciando che non voterà la riforma del Mes il 9 dicembre, accogliendo quindi le pressioni della Lega e di Fratelli d' Italia. No members of Forza Italia joined the new government and the party leader was relegated to opposition. The name is not usually translated into English: Svante Ersson; Jan-Erik Lane (28 December 1998). Italian Senator Marco Marin of the Forza Italia Party has sharply criticized Prime Minister Matteo Renzi for converting Italy into a “great parking lot of despair” through his inability to effectively address Italy’s immigration crisis. Salvini contro Parisi, trumpisti contro moderati. ROME, ITALY - JULY 24: Mariastella Gelmini, group leader of Forza Italia at the Chamber of Deputies, during the press conference of Forza Italia to illustrate its proposals for profoundly correcting the dignity decree presented by the Conte Governmenton July 24, 2018 in Rome, Italy. Coordinamento Forza Italia regione Friuli Venezia Giulia. Forza Italia balla tra "governisti" e "sovranisti". Grasso: nessun rinvio sul voto", "Decadenza Berlusconi, Alfano: una brutta giornata per la democrazia", "Mediaset, cambio ai vertici Al posto di Giovanni Toti arrivano Giordano e Broggiato", "Forza Italia - Responsabili Uffici e Dipartimenti nazionali", "Berlusconi taps newsman as party advisor", "Ministero dell'Interno Archivio Storico delle Elezioni - Europee del 25 Maggio 2014", "Fi, Fitto lancia i "ricostruttori" "Stiamo e saremo nel partito, "Dall?ex tesoriere ai pugliesi: chi sta con Fitto E Verdini prova ad assottigliare la pattuglia", "Lotte intestine e mosse del governo Berlusconi ora si sente sotto assedio", "Forza Italia, la mappa del partito: nomi e cognomi, ecco tutte le correnti e i loro obiettivi", "Italicum, oggi voto finale. There was nominally no internal opposition (although some critical voices raised up, such as those of Senators Paolo Guzzanti and Raffaele Iannuzzi). To understand the novelty of Forza Italia three features are relevant: the ‘product’ innovation, which consists of the leader, Silvio Berlusconi, with his personal party; the competitive innovation, related to the alliance politics opened … Sondaggi, Forza Italia vola: Silvio Berlusconi sfiora l'8% . Renzi: "E' un giorno di festa". Also some former Liberals, due to their role of unifiers of Italy in the 19th century, were more centralist. The party, formed out of the former People of Freedom (PdL), is a revival of the defunct Forza Italia (FI), active from 1994 to 2009, when it was merged with National Alliance (AN) and several minor parties to form the PdL. However it is possible to distinguish some patterns. [100][101] Moreover, the party is critical of teaching gender studies in schools. In the 2006 general election the party was present with a slightly different logo, with the words "Berlusconi President" (Berlusconi Presidente). “E’ chiaro a tutti che se la maggioranza si rompesse su un tema così strategico il governo non durerebbe un giorno in più – evidenzia il leader di Forza Italia -. [84], In June Berlusconi appointed Toti and Carfagna national coordinators, with the goal of reforming and relaunching the party. Berlusconi decided to run in the 2019 European Parliament election as FI's top candidate in all Italian constituencies, except for central Italy. [37][38], In the 2014 European Parliament election FI obtained 16.8% of the vote and 13 MEPs elected, including Toti in the North-West, Tajani (who had first been elected to the European Parliament in 1994) in the Centre and, most notably, Fitto (who garnered more than 180,000 votes in his native Apulia alone) in the South. [67][68][69], Since then, the party has strengthened its position in parliament, thanks to an influx of MPs from other parties, including several returning after years of dissent. One of its latest proposals is the introduction of a flat tax. 2001-2008, "Compendio della Dottrina Sociale della Chiesa", http://www.vatican.va/roman_curia/pontifical_councils/justpeace/documents/rc_pc_justpeace_doc_20060526_compendio-dott-soc_it.html, "Berlusconi, via alle tre riforme "Facciamo una politica di sinistra" - Corriere della Sera", http://www.corriere.it/politica/08_luglio_25/berlusconi_conferenza_governo_b4134d24-5a33-11dd-bcb1-00144f02aabc.shtml, "Eunomia » Merkel’s CDU Fared Worse Than Expected", http://www.amconmag.com/larison/2005/09/21/merkels-cdu-fared-worse-than-expected/, http://www.literaturfestival.com/bios1_3_6_582.html, "Fecondazione, divisi i vertici di Forza Italia", http://archiviostorico.corriere.it/2005/maggio/15/Fecondazione_divisi_vertici_Forza_Italia_co_8_050515047.shtml, "Berlusconi: la Margherita venga con noi moderati", http://archiviostorico.corriere.it/2005/giugno/15/Berlusconi_Margherita_venga_con_noi_co_8_050615023.shtml, "Pera e la difesa dell' astensione, scontro tra i poli", http://archiviostorico.corriere.it/2005/maggio/29/Pera_difesa_dell_astensione_scontro_co_8_050529021.shtml, "Fecondazione, Ruini chiama all' astensione", http://archiviostorico.corriere.it/2005/gennaio/18/Fecondazione_Ruini_chiama_all_astensione_co_9_050118017.shtml, The nature of Forza Italia and the Italian transition, Italian Socialist Party of Proletarian Unity, Italian Democratic Party of Monarchist Unity, https://familypedia.wikia.org/wiki/Forza_Italia?oldid=899492, Articles with German-language external links. [39], Fitto, the strongest backer of Berlusconi's leadership in late 2013, became his main internal challenger by mid 2014. FI clarified that it considers marriage solely as the union between a man and a woman. New, too, were its organizational structure and political culture. [108] Finally, FI considers Italy as a country with a Christian civilization and, thus, favours displaying Christian symbols in public places. (Photo … Forza Italia[nb 1] (translated to "Forward Italy"[8][9] or "Let's Go Italy",[10][11] known also by its acronym FI) is a centre-right political party in Italy whose ideology includes elements of liberal conservatism, Christian democracy, and liberalism. Coro dalla platea: "Un presidente, c'è solo un presidente, "Quegli economisti euroscettici (proprio come Berlusconi)", "Can Berlusconi make a eurosceptic comeback? Forza Italia [3] (Forward Italy, FI) was a liberal-conservative, [4] [5] Christian democratic, [2] and liberal [6] political party in Italy, with a large social democratic minority, [2] led by Silvio Berlusconi, four times Prime Minister of Italy.. Occhio, perché lui corre da solo. Forza Italia (translated to "Forward Italy" or "Let's Go Italy", FI) was a centre-right political party in Italy with liberal-conservative, Christian-democratic, liberal and populist tendencies, as well as a significant social-democratic minority. It aims at representing business owners' interests. Lega e Forza Italia. additional speeches by Forza Italia leaders, followed by the elections to the party presidency, the Committee of the Presidency, and the National Council (Consiglio Nazionale). It is a natural right, which belongs to us as we are human beings and it itself rather lays the foundations of the State. [93][94] Since being elected President of Liguria in 2015, Toti became more autonomous from Berlusconi and more and more a strong supporter of closer ties with Lega Nord. Also Antonio Martino and Giancarlo Galan were formers Liberals, Jas Gawronski was a leading Republican, while Marcello Pera has a Socialist and Radical background. The electoral results of Forza Italia in the 10 most populated Regions of Italy are shown in the table below. [73] In the context of a more united centre-right, Costa might form the "fourth leg" of the coalition, after the LN, FI and the FdI, by uniting other AP splinters, DI, F!, Identity and Action (IdeA), the Italian Liberal Party (PLI), the Union of the Centre (UdC), and the Pensioners' Party (PP),[74][75][76] all variously affiliated with FI and the centre-right. Forza Italia. Most members of the party were former Christian Democrats (DC): Giuseppe Pisanu (former member of the leftist faction of DC and Minister of Interior), Roberto Formigoni (President of Lombardy), Claudio Scajola (former Minister of the Interior and of Industry), Enrico La Loggia, Renato Schifani, Guido Crosetto, Raffaele Fitto, Giuseppe Gargani, Alfredo Antoniozzi, Giorgio Carollo, Giuseppe Castiglione, Francesco Giro, Luigi Grillo, Maurizio Lupi, Mario Mantovani, Mario Mauro, Osvaldo Napoli, Antonio Palmieri, Angelo Sanza, Riccardo Ventre and Marcello Vernola are only some remarkable examples. After this disappointing electoral performance the cabinet was reshuffled, due to the insistence of the Union of Christian and Centre Democrats's leaders, and Berlusconi formed his third cabinet. No need to register, buy now! Soon after the election Berlusconi formed his fourth government. [23], Among the supporters of the return to FI, the so-called "hawks"[24] and self-proclaimed "loyalists",[25] a leading role was played by Raffaele Fitto, who, despite the common Christian-democratic background, was a long-time rival of Alfano. [19] The party was a member of the European People's Party (EPP) and presented itself as the party of renewal and modernization. But by working with the prime minister, Berlusconi might have hoped to secure a central role for himself in the presidential election. [102] Party members are generally pro-life and therefore seek to limit abortion[103] and euthanasia. "Berlusconi's political project has come to an end," said Stefano Maullu, a member of the European parliament, who had been a member of Forza Italia for 24 years before switching to Brothers of Italy last November. However, after NCD's internal struggles, its transformation into Popular Alternative (AP) and several splits, some NCD conservatives have returned to FI. [...] We believe that the State should be at the service of citizens, and not citizens at the service of the State. Forza Italia[4] (pronounced [ˈfɔrtsa iˈtaːlja]; "Onward, Italy", FI) was a liberal-conservative,[5][6][7] christian democratic,[2][3][8] and liberal[3][8][9][10] political party in Italy, with a large social democratic minority,[2] that was led by Silvio Berlusconi, four times Prime Minister of Italy. ), the party aimed at returning to its 1994's original values (including "liberalism, the socialist roots, even the radical component"), respected its MPs' "freedom of conscience" and was open to civil unions while NCD's positions were "closer to those of the European traditionalist right". Quite the same Wikipedia. Berlusconi chose Toti as candidate for President in Liguria, confirmed incumbent Stefano Caldoro as the party's standard-bearer in Campania and renewed their support of LN's Luca Zaia in Veneto. ROME, ITALY - MARCH 30: Former Italian Prime Minister and Forza Italia leader Silvio Berlusconi(R) and Francesca Pascale(L), companion of Silvio Berlusconi attend a meeting of centre-right political party Forza Italia on March 30, 2019 in Rome, Italy. The party usually gave to its members freedom of conscience on moral issues (and hence a free vote), as in the case of the referendum on stem-cell research,[36] but leading members of the party, including Silvio Berlusconi,[37] Giulio Tremonti and Marcello Pera[38] (who is himself non-Catholic, although friend of Pope Benedict XVI), spoke in favour of "abstention" (as asked by the Catholic Church,[39] in order to not surpass the 50% of turnout needed for making the referendum legally binding). In 1994 Berlusconi founded Forza Italia (“Go, Italy!”), a conservative political party, and was elected prime minister. [70] Since June 2017 the party was joined by three deputies and one senator from Popular Alternative (AP, ex-NCD), one deputy and one senator from the Mixed Group (ex-Five Star Movement, M5S), one deputy from Direction Italy (DI, ex-CR), one from Solidary Democracy (Demo.S), one from Act! Only in coalition with the separatist Lega Nord and smaller right-wing parties would it have a shot at winning 40 percent nationwide. The party was founded in December 1993 and won its first general election soon afterwards in March 1994. [110], On foreign policy, the party supports the European Union (EU), despite elements of criticism, NATO, and a close relationship with the United States. Ma la scelta scatena una guerra nel partito", "Berlusconi: "Non sarò capolista ovunque, Tajani al centro, "Verso le Europee, ecco i principali candidati dei partiti italiani", "An NBA star, a TV chef and a comedian: meet some of the new MEPs", "Forza Italia, Berlusconi: Carfagna e Toti coordinatori nazionali", "Toti: alleati con Lega e FdI, qui vogliamo restare - Politica", "Fi, Toti dopo l'addio lancia il tour del suo movimento politico e si rivolge a Salvini. Explore {{searchView.params.phrase}} by color family {{familyColorButtonText(colorFamily.name)}} Giorgia Meloni , leader of Fratelli d'Italia party, Silvio Berlusconi, President of Forza Italia and former Italian … Berlusconi was one of the party's elects to the European Parliament and the oldest member of the assembly. It is decidedly a left-wing policy. We believe in freedom, in all its several and vital forms: in the freedom of thought, in the freedom of expression, in religious freedom, of every religion, in the freedom of association. The manner and the timing of its entry into the political arena were totally exceptional. [104] The party has criticized illegal immigration and the way it has been managed by centre-left coalition governments. Regarding the latter issue, generally speaking, northern party members were staunch proposers of political, fiscal federalism and autonomy for the Regions (in some parts of Veneto and Lombardy, it was sometimes difficult to distinguish a member of FI from a leghista), while those coming from the South were more cold on the issue. Brothers of Italy leader Giorgia Meloni is already poaching Forza Italia members and will put forward four ex-Berlusconi men as candidates for her own party in the May 26 EU vote. Vittorio Sgarbi will be the leader for Forza Italia in the province of Parma to the Regional elections scheduled for 26 January 2020. ufficializzarlo the provincial commissioner of Fi, the senator Enrico Aimi, in a note. FI includes several factions and ideological trends. The party was divided basically over ethical (between social conservatives and progressives), economic (between social-democrats and some Christian-democrats on one side and liberals on the other one) and institutional issues. Forza Italia is a new party. A democracy cannot afford citizens in poor conditions. Live Statistics. Nella graduatoria sul gradimento dei leader, la crescita del fondatore di Forza Italia è costante e arriva adesso al 26 per cento. Forza Italia hasn’t polled above 15 percent support since last year. Riflette sul caso delle ultime ore, sull'apertura di Silvio Berlusconi al governo, quell'apertura che ha terremotato Forza Italia con l'addio di Laura Ravetto e altri due deputati. Forza Italia apre all’ipotesi di votare lo scostamento di bilancio con la maggioranza. In July Berlusconi appointed Tajani, who had been previously tipped as candidate for Prime Minister in the run-up of the 2018 general election,[78] vice president and Adriano Galliani coordinator of departments,[79][80][81] in an effort to restructure the party, which was shrinking in opinion polls. ", "Berlusconi turns Eurosceptic in bid to return to power", "Tajani: "Centrodestra vince se guida Forza Italia. Coordinatore Regionale Friuli Venezia Giulia SANDRA SAVINO. In an atmosphere of reconciliation with Gianfranco Fini, Berlusconi also stated that the new party could have seen the participation of other parties. New, too, were its organizational structure and political culture. Again all ministerial key-posts were given to Forza Italia members: interior (Claudio Scajola 2001–2002, Giuseppe Pisanu 2002–2006), defence (Antonio Martino 2001–2006), finance (Giulio Tremonti, 2001–2004 and 2005–2006), industry (Antonio Marzano 2001–2005, Claudio Scajola 2005–2006) and foreign affairs (Franco Frattini, 2002–2004). Poli, E. (2001) Forza Italia. Indeed, FI presents itself as a "liberal", "Catholic", "reformist" and "moderate" alternative to the left in alliance with the right,[88][89][90] but not rightist itself.[91]. In addition, FI is more supportive of free trade agreements rather than protectionism. Pronto il nome: "Italia Civica, "E Berlusconi ordinò: "Fermate l'esodo o cade l'esecutivo, "TRA QUARTE GAMBE E BAD COMPANY, VIAGGIO NELLA GALASSIA CENTRISTA IMPLOSA PER L'ANSIA DA SEGGIO", "Fratelli d'Italia: via An e Msi dal simbolo. Chi fa un discorso da leader. L'ideologia del partito variava dal liberismo all'economia sociale di mercato di ispirazione cristiano-democratica.Il suo colore ufficiale era l'azzurro. Find the perfect forza italia leader silvio berlusconi stock photo. Huge collection, amazing choice, 100+ million high quality, affordable RF and RM images. Il leader di Forza Italia è stato ricoverato all'ospedale San Raffaele di Milano nella notte di giovedì 3 settembre con una polmonite bilaterale e dopo essere risultato positivo a Covid-19 Berlusconi contro Toti, così è finita malissimo", "Sconcerto da Tajani e Cav, Toti sceglie Salvini. The original idea was the so-called "light party" (partito leggero), intended to be different from Italian traditional, bureaucratic and self-referential, party machines. The congress program con-fidently scheduled a final address by Silvio Berlusconi immediately after the votes, prejudging the outcome of the party's internal elec-tions. [19] In a speech during a party congress in 1998, Berlusconi himself proclaimed: "our liberal vision of the State is perfectly in agreement with the Catholic social teaching".[29]. Silvio Berlusconi a tutto campo . [97] In October 2014 Berlusconi personally endorsed Renzi's proposals on civil unions for gays and a quicker path to citizenship to Italian-born children of immigrants. [82][83] In the election, FI received only 8.8% of the vote, its worst result ever. Sondaggio: Conte sale, il governo no. FI is a much smaller party than the original FI and the early PdL, due to the splits of Future and Freedom (2010), the Brothers of Italy (2012), the New Centre-Right (2013), the Conservative and Reformists (2015) and the Liberal Popular Alliance (2015). Members of Forza Italia were divided in factions, which were sometimes mutable and formed over the most important political issues, despite previous party allegiances. The party's anthem was sung in karaoke fashion at American-style conventions. After the sudden fall of Prodi II Cabinet on 24 January 2008, the break-up of The Union coalition and the subsequent political crisis paving the way towards a new general election, Berlusconi hinted on 25 January that Forza Italia would have probably contested its last election and the new party would have been officially founded only after that election. [111] The party is a member of the Europeanist, centre-right European People's Party (EPP). This was the line of the early founders of the party, notably Marcello Dell'Utri and Antonio Martino. Corriere della Sera", http://www.corriere.it/politica/07_novembre_18/berlusconi_partito_popolo_italiano.shtml, ""Via l'Ici e stretta sulle intercettazioni" Corriere della Sera", http://www.corriere.it/politica/08_gennaio_25/berlusconi_napoli_a48218f8-cb73-11dc-9e0e-0003ba99c667.shtml, "Svolta di Berlusconi, arriva il Pdl: "Forza Italia-An sotto stesso simbolo"", http://www.lastampa.it/redazione/cmsSezioni/politica/200802articoli/29934girata.asp, http://books.google.com/?id=dJujgAT1s8AC&pg=PA104&lpg=PA104&dq=forza+italia+conservative-liberal, http://www.parties-and-elections.de/italy.html, http://www.forzaitalia.it/speciali/statutoforzaitalia04.pdf, liberalism. Forza Italia's leader was replaced as prime minister by Lamberto Dini, an independent politician who had been the administration's treasury minister. Forza Italia's leading members include Antonio Tajani (President of the European Parliament), Elisabetta Casellati (President of the Senate), Donato Toma (President of Molise), Mara Carfagna, Renato Brunetta, Paolo Romani, Mariastella Gelmini, Anna Maria Bernini, Maurizio Gasparri, Renato Schifani and Stefania Prestigiacomo. The party regained power in the 2001 elections (29.4% along with Giorgio La Malfa's tiny Italian Republican Party), in a new coalition called House of Freedoms and composed mainly of National Alliance, Lega Nord, Christian Democratic Centre and United Christian Democrats (the last two parties merged in 2002 forming the Union of Christian and Centre Democrats, UDC). Since its birth Forza Italia used unconventional means for European politics (in fact resembling more the American model), such as stickering, SMS messaging and mass mailing of propaganda material, including the biography of its leader Berlusconi, "An Italian story" (Una storia italiana). Thomas Jansen; Steven Van Hecke (28 June 2011). [95][96] In 2018 Toti lost the title of "political counselor" (the closest thing to a number two so far) and Berlusconi appointed Antonio Tajani as vice president. [9], Alessandro Campi wrote that "the political culture of Forza Italia – a curious and, on many respects, untold mixture of "liberalism" and "democratic populism" – deserves to be described as an "anti-ideologic ideology", [...] as a synthesis or fusion of very diverse political families and traditions (from liberal catholicism to social conservatism, from reformist socialism to economic liberalism), kept together by the mobilizing appeal to "freedom"". Key posts in the party structure were appointed by Berlusconi or by his delegates. Loyalists included Antonio Martino, Renato Brunetta, Denis Verdini, Mariastella Gelmini, Mara Carfagna, Daniela Santanchè, Niccolò Ghedini and Daniele Capezzone, while Maurizio Gasparri, Altero Matteoli and Paolo Romani tried to mediate, but finally joined the new FI. Select from premium Forza Italia Party Leader Silvio Berlusconi Campaigns Ahead Of The General Election of the highest quality. L’ultimo è nell’intervista del leader di Forza Italia al Messaggero di oggi: “Non credo nei governi tecnici e non vedo un nuovo governo all’orizzonte. The party used TV advertising extensively, although this has been slightly restricted since 2000 by a law passed by the then centre-left majority. BOLOGNA (ITALY) – Italy’s billionaire … The manner and the timing of its entry into the political arena were totally exceptional. Europa da cambiare, ma non in discussione, "Berlusconi abbraccia la Merkel e l'europeismo, ed era ora", "Coalizione alla tedesca: la Merkel "riabilita" Berlusconi per un governo Pd-Forza Italia", Early 20th-century Italian political parties, Wilfried Martens Centre for European Studies, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Forza_Italia_(2013)&oldid=995662582, Member parties of the European People's Party, Parties represented in the European Parliament, Articles with incomplete citations from December 2016, Articles with unsourced statements from September 2019, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 22 December 2020, at 05:50. Maurizio Cotta; Luca Verzichelli (12 May 2007). FI also seeks good relations with Russia, especially in defence of the interests of Italian companies that export to the Russian market. Moreover, in 2015 FI lost several liberal MPs, who formed the Liberal Popular Alliance in support to Matteo Renzi's cabinet. The party was founded in December 1993 and won its first election soon afterwards in March 1994. Sotto sotto...", "Pd-azzurri: asse sui diritti (senza Ncd)", "Unioni civili, confronto in Forza Italia", "Unioni civili e adozioni, Pd diviso Berlusconi: "No al ddl Cirinnà, "Unioni civili sono legge: M5s si astiene. [59][60][61], In the 2016 Milan municipal election FI found a strong candidate for mayor in Stefano Parisi, a former director-general of Confindustria and CEO of Fastweb, who pulled the party to 20.2% (virtually double than the LN's score), but however narrowly lost to his Democratic opponent in the run-off, Giuseppe Sala. Nei giorni scorsi Forza Italia ha incontrato Giuseppino “Pino” Berti, leader dei Moderati, per ragionare su una sua candidatura a sindaco per le elezioni comunali del 2021 a Pinerolo. In August 2016 the party was re-joined by two senators, including Renato Schifani from the NCD and another from the ALA. Not all FI members were happy with all that, in fact two senators and one deputy, Daniela Santanchè, switched to the FdI.[77]. As of the end of December 2013, Berlusconi was set to appoint two vice-presidents: Antonio Tajani (European Commissioner and vice-president of the European People's Party) and Giovanni Toti (former editor of Studio Aperto and TG4,[35] two news programs of Berlusconi's Mediaset). English Articles. Find the perfect Forza Italia Party Leader Silvio Berlusconi Campaigns Ahead Of The General Election stock photos and editorial news pictures from Getty Images. Berlusconi: "Riportare Forza Italia ad essere il primo partito italiano nel Centrodestra" - "Dobbiamo rinnovarci, nei volti e nel linguaggio". Unlike vanilla Italy and other mediocre Italy mods, Forza Italia aims at establishing immersion, prioritizing attention to detail, … Anche il leader di Forza Italia Silvio Berlusconi ha detto no al Mes, anche se il suo partito, in Europa, è schierato con il Ppe (Partito popolare europeo). Forza Italia [3] (Forward Italy, FI) was a liberal-conservative, [4] [5] Christian democratic, [2] and liberal [6] political party in Italy, with a large social democratic minority, [2] that was led by Silvio Berlusconi, four times Prime Minister of Italy.. The meeting was organized to celebrate the twenty-fifth year of Forza Italia political party and to present the new candidates for the European elections. While Pera campaigned hard for the success of the boycott alongside with most FI members, both Berlusconi and Tremonti explicitly said that "abstention" was their personal opinion, not the official one of the party. Forza Italia (FI) è stato un partito politico italiano di centro-destra, attivo dal 18 gennaio 1994 al 27 marzo 2009 e poi rifondato in un omonimo partito il 16 novembre 2013.Presidente e leader del partito è stato, sin dalla sua fondazione, Silvio Berlusconi. Il leader di Forza Italia ha poi aggiunto: «Siamo consapevoli che la situazione del Paese è sempre più grave, possiamo dire che non è mai stata così grave dall’inizio della pandemia.

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