$2,235.16 $2,346.16. Their first year of issue was 1921 to celebrate Mexico's 100th anniversary of independence in 1821. Of these 4 million coins, nearly all of them are dated 1947. This listing is for the exact coin pictured. Issued by Banco de México from 1921-1947. GEM NEW, 5 Nuevos Pesos 1993 Senor De Las Limas BU (gekapselt), 5 pesos 1994 Mexico 5 pesos Sculpture Chaac-Mool proof silver coin 1994 Proof, 1 Peso Silbermünze 1898 ZS FZ Zacatecas uncirculated, 100 FRANCS 1947-49 1947-49 FRENCH GUIANA SPECIMEN PCGS 65 PPQ GEM NEW POP TWO RARE SPECIMEN BANKNOTE, POPULATION OF TWO BY PMG POPULATION REPORT, 5 pesos 1998 Mexico 5 Pesos Quetzalcoatl Pre-Columbian Toltec Series silver coin 1998 BU. Under a scope there is plenty of evidence of handling history here, no shortage of nicks and scratches. 50 Peso Mexican Gold Coin (Random Year, Varied Condition) Any quantity available for $66.34 per oz over spot! Mexican 20 Peso Gold Coin quantity. Protect your Mexico Gold pesos in style by adding an attractive display box to your order. Enkel … This Gold 50 Pesos coin is the largest bullion coin from Mexico, and it is a great way to add to your Gold holdings with a single purchase. The great thing about this coin is the design and the fact that it is bulky. The Mexican 50 Peso was designed by Emilio Del Moral for the Casa de Moneda de Mexico (The Mexico Mint) to commemorate a century of Mexican Independence from Spanish rule. Your purchase will match the quality of the product shown. Gedurende de periode 1949 t/m 1972 zijn er in totaal 3,975,654 munten geslagen, waarvan de meeste afkomstig uit het jaar 1947. 5000 Pesos 1947 5000 Pesos - Manuel A Tocornal - 1947-1959 Serial H.1 - P.117 - XF XF, 10 New Pesos / 5 Onzas 1994 Piramide del Castillo UNC, 2 x 250 2 x 500 Pesos Gold 1986 Fußball Weltmeisterschaft Soccer Football World Championship proof box coa, 10 pesos 2006 Mexico 10 pesos Michoacan butterflies II edition proof silver coin 2006 Proof, MA-Shops - The World's Most Trusted Numismatic Marketplace. Enhance your investment portfolio by adding this Mexican Gold 50 Pesos to your cart today! To figure out the value, first convert grams to troy ounces: 37.5 grams / 31.1 grams per troy ounce = 1.205 troy ounces. Common gold bullion coins like the American Eagle or the Maple Leaf weigh “only” 31.1 grams and can sell for $1784.64 today. Right Now on NumisCorner. Mexico - 50 Pesos 1947 - Gold. Any Quantity. This is an exact cop of the Mexican 50 Pesos Gold 1821 - 1947 Coin. - 1947 Mexico Gold 50 Pesos AGW 1.2057 (Random Year) Additional Product Data. Demand was strong for the coin as a bullion issue, so the Mexico City Mint continued to produce gold 50 Pesos with the 1947 date through 1972 and also in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s. $827.44 Sold Out. If for any reason, you have a problem, please feel free to call us. As Low As $71.00 Over Melt Per Coin . At the time, the Gold Peso was the purest gold coin produced. Fast & Free Shipping† On Orders Over $99! This coin was first minted in 1921 and was minted until 1947. 500 Pesos 1985. The smallest coin weighs only 1.667 grams. 1947 50 PESOS MEXICAN 1.2057 OZ. Mexican Centenario Gold Coin Value June 2020. Market Loss Policy | Arguably the most iconic gold coin issued by the Mexican Mint is the 50 Peso gold coin, which is known to many numismatists as the gold Centenario. Worth - Mexico 50 pesos 1921-1947 in the coin catalog at uCoin.net - International Catalog of World Coins. Kratzer, UNC, 50 Pesos Bolivianos 1962 Banknote, Specimen TDLR, KM:156s UNC(65-70), 50 Pesos = 5 Doblones 1872 Banknote, 1872-01-01, KM:S238a AU(55-58), 1 Peso 1885 Banknote, 1885-01-01 VG(8-10), 5 pesos 1993 Mexico 5 pesos Sculpture Caaita Sonaiente proof silver coin 1993 Proof, 50 Francs 1947 50 F 1946-1951 ''Le Verrier'', KM #127b, 1947-10-02,... UNC(65-70), 1.000 Pesos 10.6.2013 P.127 unc / GEM UNC, 5 peso 2008 Mexico 5 Pesos Juego de pelota Olympics proof silver coin 2008 Proof, 50 Rubel 1947 Banknote Russland , 50 Rubel Schein in gbr. Read more. View item Knopek (Germany) MEXICO: 50 Pesos or 1947 MEXICO Mexico 1947 (37mm, 41,8g, 6h) MS: Carlos. Though the most common date of this series, these coins are specifically selected for eye appeal and high grade. This Gold 50 Pesos coin is the largest bullion coin from Mexico, and it is a great way to add to your Gold holdings with a single purchase. Loading... Unsubscribe from BigstackMcgee? 50 Pesos Gold coins are some of the most impressive Gold coins in the world. Daarmee is het een van de oudste gouden munten. It is based on a price of gold at 58,913 USD/kg. This is a mexican centenario gold coin which I belive was made by an artistic jeweler. Mexicaanse gouden 50 Pesos munt. GEM NEW BY PCGS, 50 Centimes 1947 B Coin, Morlon, Beaumont - Le Roger, GENI, MS63 MS(63), 50 paise & 1 Rupee 1969 Ghandi PCGS UNC Details / PCGS MS 65, 50 Centavos 1866 Mo Coin, Maximilian, Mexico City, Silver VF(30-35), 20 pesos 1999 Mexico 20 pesos UNICEF Charrito cowboy child proof gold coin 1999 Proof, Peso 1873 Republik seit 1870. winz. It is also known as the Centenario for celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Mexican Independence. 1947 During 1949-1972 a total of 3,975,654 pieces, most likely dated 1947, were restruck an an additional 473,900 pieces dated 1947 were restruck during 2000-2017. 50 Pesos Centenario With Denomination Mexico Numista. Issued by Banco de México from 1921-1947. Live gold and silver prices are updated every minute. The reverse depicts the coat of arms of Mexico , which shows the Golden eagle perched … The 50 Pesos gold coin is the biggest coin of a family of Pesos gold coins ranging from 2 Pesos, 2.5 Pesos, 5 Pesos, 10 Pesos, 20 pesos to 50 Pesos. The coins were issued regularly from 1921 to 1931, with production restarted in 1943 to meet rising demand for gold coins. The Centenario is a Mexican gold bullion coin first minted in 1921 to commemorate the … As for condition, it looks like it just rolled off the press. It's 37 mm in diameter. 50 Pesos Messicani d’oro (1821-1947) Nel 1910 il Messico celebrò il Centenario dell'inizio della Guerra d'Indipendenza con la Spagna. No. Weight: 37.5 g of pure gold in mint condition Real weight: 41.66 g Series: Mexican peso Mint House: Bank of Mexico Clarity: 900/1000 Diameter, mm: 37.00 Thickness, mm: 2.70 Face value: 50 Coin: Mexican peso Coin 50 Mexican pesos 1821-1947 struck by the United Mexican States in the year 1947 angel of freedom centenary of the independence of Mexico. De diameter van de munten is 37,08mm en de dikte is 2,69mm. The Mexican 50 Peso coin was minted from 1921 to 1947 but an additional 4 million coins were issued between 1949 and 1972. UNC, 1/4 Unze bis 1 Unze Silber 1992 Mexico 1992 3 x Silber, 1/4 Unze bis 1 Unze Guerrero Aguila 3 coins unc. Minted in Mexico City, the 50 Peso coins include 90% fine Gold and 10% Copper. EF / fast vorzüglich, 5 pesos 1993 Mexico 5 pesos Palma Con Cocodrilo silver coin 1993 UNC, 5 pesos 1994 Mexico 5 pesos Maya Series Lapida tumba de Palenque proof silver coin 1994 Proof, 1 peso 1994 Mexico 1 peso Chaac Mool silver proof coin 1994 Proof, 50 PESOS 1976-78 1976-78 ARGENTINA PCGS 67 PPQ SUPERB TOP POP FINEST KNOWN! Etui m. Zertifikat. However, they are not always available. Brilliant uncirculated condition showcases the beautiful design of these large Gold coins. ... 50 Pesos Gold - All you need to know - Duration: 6:16. Billet. * with capsule, 50 PESOS BOLIVIANOS 1962 BOLIVIA "MISMATCHED S/N ERROR" PMG 66 EPQ POP THREE WITH NONE FINER AS REPORTED BY PMG POP REPORT, 5 pesos 2001 Mexico 5 pesos Endangered Wildlife Animal Prairie Dog silver coin 2001 BU, 1995 200 Pesos 50 Th. The coin will be shipped in a archival-quality Right Now on eBay. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for 1947 Mexico 50 Pesos Gold Coin Bullion 1.2057 AGW The 'Centenario' Uncirculated at the best online … Of these 4 million coins, nearly all of them are dated 1947. The 50 Peso Mexican Gold Coin is more commonly known today as the gold Centenario, so-called because it was first issued in 1921 by the Mexican Mint to commemorate 100 years of Mexican independence from Spanish colonial rule. Imprint and Terms of sale MA-Shops GmbH Gold Mexican Pesos. Privacy Policy | UNITED NATIONS KM.116 PROOF, 2 pesos 1998 Mexico 2 pesos Animal Jaguar Sculpture silver coin 1998 BU, 50 Francs 1958 Vierte Republik (1947-1959) Winzige Kratzer, CH UNC, Peso 1979 Ag zum Besuch Papst Johannes Paul II in Mexiko, auf 1 Peso 1964, Gegenstempel, s BU, 5 pesos 1998 Mexico 5 pesos Hombre Jaguar Sculpture silver coin 1998 BU, 50 PESOS 1967 URUGUAY BANCO CENTRAL "JOSE G. ARTIGAS" PCGS 66 PPQ GEM! Mexican Gold Coins Centenario De Oro 50 Peso Coin Values. Don't care if it is a restrike, it is big and beautiful. Cull Silver 12,512 views. Sale. Gold Centenarios issued after 1947 are all reproductions that carry the same 1947 date inscription. Airtite Holder: Product Description. Bakelit schwarz Collahuasi - Societe Francaise des Mines de Cuivre, La Grande, c EF, 5 pesos 1950 Mexico 5 pesos Opening of the Southeastern Railroad silver coin 1950 UNC, 10 pesos 1998 Mexico 10 pesos Toltec Series Atlantes proof silver coin 1998 Proof, 5 pesos 1998 Mexico 5 pesos Teotihuacan Vasija silver coin 1998 BU, 5 Pesos 1998 Mo Teotihuacan - Mascara UNC, 2 peso 1997 Mexico 2 peso Disco De La Muerte Teotihuacan Series proof silver coin 1997 Proof, 5 pesos 2001 Mexico 5 pesos Endangered Wildlife Animal Jaguar silver coin 2001 BU, 5 Pesos Banknote 1914 Choice About Uncirculated Grade, 5 PESOS ORO 1940-50 1940-50 COLOMBIA "FACE PROOF" PMG 66 EPQ GEM ONLY 1 FINER STUNNING EXAMPLE, 100 pesos 1992 Mexico 100 pesos God of Fire Huehueteotl The Aztek proof silver coin 1992 Proof, 5 Nuevos Pesos / 1 Onza 1997 Jugador de Pelota BU (gekapselt), 5 peso 2012 Mexico, 5 peso Casa de las Monjas, Chichen Itza, Seven Wonders Silver coin, 2012 Proof, 50 centimes 1947 Monnaie française, Morlon, 50 centimes 1947 Bronze-Aluminium, TB+, Gad: 423b F+, 50 Pesos Gold 1973 Republik seit 1818. It is based on a price of gold at 58,913 USD/kg. All Pesos coins are made of .900 gold what brings the 50 pesos gold coin’s gross weight to 41.667 grams containing 1.2057 troy ounces of pure silver. 50 Gold Mexican Pesos 1821 1947 Coininvest. Between 1949 and 1972 the mint released an additional 4 million units as duplicates with the date 1947. This Authentic Mexican Gold Coin 50 Pesos contains 1.2057 Troy Oz (37.5 grams) of pure gold. 50 Pesos gold coins belong to the most valuable gold coins thanks to weight and gold content. These large gold coins are magnificent not just for their high gold content, but also for the unique and artistic cultural imagery that make these coins distinctively Mexican. The total gold content of the Mexican 50 Peso coin is 1.2057 Troy Ounces and the coins commonly sell for a small premium above the gold contents value.

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